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Walnut Flax Pancakes – Low Carb and Gluten-Free

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I’ve at all times considered myself as a really well-adjusted particular person, however I’m starting to assume that will not be so true.  I believe I may very well have one thing of a compulsive dysfunction.  See, right here’s my drawback:  I can see a recipe that appears wonderful and that I’m wildly desperate to make.  And I’ve each intention of following the recipe to the letter, so I can attempt it because it was supposed to be.  However as I am going alongside, getting out my components and my utensils, I discover myself altering the recipe.  I make additions or deletions, I fluctuate the quantities of the components, I’d even change the best way it’s cooked or baked.  I merely can’t go away properly sufficient alone, I really feel compelled to alter the recipe.  As a lot as I cringe with disgrace to confess it, I’ve Compulsive Recipe Adaptation Dysfunction (aka CRAD, because it’s referred to within the medical discipline).  It’s a illness with no identified remedy, I’m afraid.

Fortunately, nevertheless, I’m in good firm.  A lot of my fellow meals bloggers have the identical compulsion to adapt recipes any probability they get.  CRAD is discovered to happen with very excessive frequency within the meals running a blog world and there’s a direct causal relationship .  Our illness is the very factor that drove us to turn into meals bloggers within the first place, as a technique to doc the adjustments to which we’ve subjected any and all recipes.  I don’t know why we really feel compelled to doc these alterations, since likelihood is we are going to by no means make the recipe the identical manner once more.  We are able to’t assist however adapt our personal diversifications, finally rendering them fully unrecognizable from the unique recipe.  And I do know there are extra CRAD victims on the market, among the many common populace.  In truth, lots of my readers have confessed to adapting MY recipes with their very own little adjustments right here and there (sacrilege!  Have you ever no disgrace???).

This recipe was one I’ve been meaning to make ever since I got here again from New Orleans.  I had each intention of constructing Maria’s Omega-3 Waffles precisely as she did for certainly one of her segments of Get the Skinny with Molly Kimball, as a result of they have been incredible simply as they have been.  However as I began to assemble up my components, I felt the sneaky first twinges of my compulsion kicking in.  First, I didn’t need to trouble with my waffle iron, because it’s not an excellent one and tends to make very soggy waffles.  So I assumed the batter may make nice pancakes as properly.  Okay, in order that’s not an excessive amount of of a change, certainly that doesn’t actually matter as an adaptation.  Then I thought of how they have been wealthy in Omega 3’s and that I might get much more into them by making them with walnut oil as a substitute of butter.  As soon as I had walnuts on the mind, I discovered myself throwing in a handful of chopped walnuts to get a pleasant nutty crunch.  By that time, I figured I’d as properly be hung for a sheep as a lamb and simply go forward and alter the title to Walnut Flax Pancakes.  Oh, and I discovered the batter a bit too runny for pancakes, so I tossed in a tablespoon of coconut flour to thicken it.

See what I imply???  It’s a illness, actually.

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