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Top 7 Health Benefits of Collagen (And How to Boost It)

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Collagen is thought by most individuals as a complement to enhance pores and skin well being. One factor it is best to know is that your physique is made up of this structural protein. It’s present in your pores and skin, bones, muscle tissues, and organs.

Based on varied analysis, our physique produces much less collagen as we age – about 1% much less collagen within the pores and skin yearly after the age of 20. That is manifested as wrinkled and sagging pores and skin 1, 2. Nevertheless it’s not simply getting old that lowers collagen. A excessive sugar food regimen and an excessive amount of solar publicity are additionally elements.

The Potential Well being Advantages of Collagen

What roles does collagen play except for its means to enhance pores and skin elasticity and well being, the obvious profit? How precisely does taking collagen complement help you as somebody on a keto food regimen? Let’s discover them beneath.

Not everybody thinks about their intestine well being. Nevertheless, in individuals with leaky intestine, this turns into extraordinarily necessary. For individuals who don’t know, leaky intestine or elevated intestinal permeability manifests via bloating, diarrhea, and different digestive points, in addition to fatigue. It’s additionally related to irritation 3.

Collagen is among the dietary supplements used for supporting a more healthy intestine. It really works by assuaging the breakdown of the intestinal lining by inhibiting sure pathways 4.

2. Might improve muscle mass

Collagen makes up your muscle tissues and helps efficiency. If considered one of your targets on the keto food regimen is to extend muscle mass, then it is advisable increase collagen. That is particularly necessary as our our bodies age.

One examine confirmed that utilizing collagen dietary supplements elevated fat-free mass and energy. Moreover, it was demonstrated that collagen was higher than whey protein for sustaining physique weight 5.

Joint ache may be brought on by a situation comparable to arthritis. Strenuous workouts and a sedentary way of life additionally result in joint ache. Regardless, collagen serves as a pure type of remedy.

In the identical examine talked about above, topics who took collagen peptides skilled aid from osteoarthritis together with purposeful joint ache. They have been capable of carry out resistance workouts with much less ache 5.

Whereas extra research are wanted to be taught the impact of collagen peptides on varied age teams and genders, this examine lets us respect the potential of collagen for joint well being.

Hair loss occurs to lots of people beginning the keto food regimen. This will happen on account of consuming fewer vitamins and reducing energy. Nevertheless, hair loss isn’t presupposed to occur for those who observe a well-formulated, nutrient-dense keto food regimen.

You don’t should expertise hair loss to start out growing your collagen. Taking collagen complement or consuming meals sources of collagen can present many advantages. It may possibly stop hair thinning and hair loss that consequence from getting old.

Hydrolyzed collagen dietary supplements or collagen peptides enhance mind construction and cognitive operate, as discovered by one examine on 30 wholesome individuals aged 49–63 years. The individuals took 5 grams of hydrolyzed collagen each day for 4 weeks 6.

In one other examine, scientists found that collagen VI protects the mind from Alzheimer’s Illness (AD). Right here’s what’s attention-grabbing: Growing the quantity of collagen VI protects mind cells in opposition to the toxicity of amyloid-beta (Aβ) proteins. These are present in plaques in individuals with AD 7.

6. Strengthens the bones and prevents bone loss

Having robust bones is necessary for general well being. Wholesome bones assist your physique stand up to accidents. They permit you to take part in varied actions with ease.

Bones comprise one-third collagen, which contributes to their energy and construction 8, 9. It doesn’t matter for those who train typically or need to age gracefully whereas on keto. You’ll profit by utilizing collagen dietary supplements in your food regimen. Particular collagen peptides can increase bone mineral density, particularly in post-menopausal girls.

7. Might scale back the danger of coronary heart issues

You is perhaps questioning: How precisely does collagen increase cardiovascular well being? Collagen maintains the operate and integrity of the arteries. These are vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood from the center to the physique’s tissues and organs.

In a 6-month examine involving 32 wholesome female and male volunteers, it was discovered that collagen didn’t solely stop atherosclerosis but in addition handled it 10.

The right way to Increase Your Physique’s Pure Collagen Manufacturing

There’s little doubt that collagen performs many necessary roles in general well being. Fortuitously, you may take easy steps to devour extra collagen or assist your physique create it. Examine them out beneath.

1. Take a keto-friendly collagen complement

Taking oral collagen dietary supplements is a superb choice particularly for many who need comfort and flexibility. Collagen dietary supplements might come in numerous kinds comparable to powders, capsules, and drinks.

In case you’re on the keto food regimen, be sure to decide on a collagen complement that’s free from added sugars. If it makes use of sweeteners, test that these sweeteners are keto-friendly comparable to stevia and monk fruit.

2. Eat meals wealthy in vitamin C

Vitamin C

Vitamin C will increase collagen manufacturing. Consuming meals excessive in vitamin C which can be additionally low in carbohydrates will assist as somebody making an attempt to attain weight reduction. Take a look at these finest meals choices with a serving measurement of 100g:

  • Cauliflower (48.2 mg)
  • Broccoli (90 mg)
  • Strawberries (58.8 mg)
  • Rooster liver (18 mg)
  • Fish roe (16.4 mg)
  • Brussels sprouts (85 mg)
  • Bell peppers (184 mg)

3. Make bone broth at dwelling

You can also make bone broth by simmering animal bones and joints. Examples of sources embrace beef, pork, hen, turkey, venison, and fish.

Simply mix a gallon of water, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 2 kilograms of animal bones (of your selection), and sea salt to style. Let it cook dinner for a minimum of 12 hours for a nutrient-dense, collagen-filled drink.

4. Eat protein-rich animal meals

One other strategy to improve your physique’s means to make collagen is to devour proline and glycine. These amino acids are present in animal meals comparable to grass-fed beef, pork, hen pores and skin, hen breast, organ meats, and wild-caught fish.

Right here’s an additional benefit: Meat and seafood comprise very small quantities to no carbs in any respect – relying on the lower/physique half. Until you’re following a plant-based low-carb food regimen, just remember to’re consuming collagen wealthy meals like these.

5. Keep away from sugar and refined carbohydrates

Final however positively not least: Cease consuming sugar and refined carbs since they destroy collagen. As a keto dieter, you already know this rule. Not solely will quitting these unhealthy substances preserve you in ketosis, nevertheless it additionally preserves collagen.

Collagen Dietary supplements Might Trigger Digestive Aspect Results

Whereas this isn’t true for everybody, collagen supplementation might trigger delicate digestive unwanted effects in some individuals. These unwanted effects embrace a sense of heaviness, heartburn, and diarrhea. If you end up experiencing these points, or for those who’re pregnant or nursing, then it’s finest to keep away from collagen dietary supplements and seek the advice of together with your physician.

However typically, oral collagen is protected for most people.

So long as you’re boosting collagen in your physique, you’ll reap all its fantastic advantages – from enhancing pores and skin well being to joint well being to intestine well being, and a decrease threat of coronary heart illness.

Why do it later when you can begin now?

As you may see, animal meals comprise collagen. Additionally, be sure you take a look at Kiss My Keto’s collagen powder in Birthday Cake and Chocolate flavors. It’s a handy and scrumptious strategy to get 10,000 mg of hydrolyzed collagen every day. It additionally has medium-chain triglycerides that improve your power!

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