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Stretch Marks After Weight Loss: Causes and Preventatives- HealthifyMe

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Stretch marks are a visual reminder that you’ve misplaced weight. It’s ubiquitous in men and women. Stretch marks are merely the drawbacks of shedding additional kilos. It’s innocent and sometimes turns into much less noticeable. Nevertheless, some underlying well being situations trigger decreased elasticity within the pores and skin tissue, resulting in stretch marks. Subsequently, weight reduction will not be the one issue behind these marks. 

Stretch marks don’t typically disappear fully, and you may’t all the time forestall them from occurring. However there are methods to make stretch marks much less noticeable. Consequently, stretch marks are a consequence of the bodily adjustments that happen all through an individual’s lifetime. Subsequently, nearly everybody has at the very least a number of of those marks.

Stretch Marks: An Introduction

Stretch marks, medically termed striae (striae distensae, striae atrophicus), are slender streaks or strains that may seem in your pores and skin. You’ll discover stretch marks in several physique areas, together with arms, hips, thighs, chest, abdomen, breast, and butt. They seem as discoloured stripes, resembling white, purple, blue, slender pink or purplish. Weight reduction, weight acquire, being pregnant, breast improvement, development spurts, and muscle development are some frequent eventualities inflicting the looks of stretch marks. As well as, a research exhibits that your genetics and protein within the physique decide how seemingly you might be to get stretch marks. 

The looks of stretch marks varies from individual to individual. Nevertheless, it normally stands out in distinction to your regular pores and skin because of its texture. As an example, stretch marks will be shiny, darkish, and lifted at first. Then, it would evolve into thinner and paler silvery pores and skin indentations like scars. As well as, ladies are inclined to get stretch marks extra continuously than males, particularly on the breasts, whereas males see them most frequently on the decrease again.

Causes of Stretch Marks 

The vast majority of stretch marks are usually not from weight reduction however quite while you first put additional weight on. Once you acquire weight, the pores and skin undergoes stretching and tearing. Because of this, collagen and connective tissues within the pores and skin develop into broken and end result within the look of stretch marks. Though the pores and skin is versatile, if it will get overstretched in a brief vary of time, the result is commonly inner tears that kind scars understood as stretch marks. It’s primarily a case of pubertal development, being pregnant, and weight acquire.

A research exhibits that stretch marks happen because of structural adjustments in collagen fibres and the discount of elastin and fibrillin fibres. It leads to a lack of vascularity and elasticity, making the pores and skin extra susceptible to stretch marks. Your pores and skin is liable to stretch marks if you find yourself pregnant as a result of the hormones soften the fibres of your pores and skin. And because the child grows, your pores and skin stretches within the tummy area. Moreover, you additionally develop them in your breast and thighs as they get greater. The primary signal of stretch marks throughout being pregnant is a few itching. As well as, using steroids and medical situations like Cushing syndrome and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome trigger stretch marks.

Stretch Marks After Weight Loss

The stretch marks from weight reduction sometimes seem within the area the place you misplaced fats. For instance, your thighs, arms, shoulders, and buttocks are the frequent websites for weight reduction induced stretch marks. To be extra exact, extra leftover pores and skin after speedy weight reduction is commonly the first explanation for stretch marks. Nevertheless, your pores and skin stretches while you acquire weight, however these marks are normally not seen at this stage. You begin seeing these hidden stretch marks solely after you shed some kilos.

Pregnant ladies bear dramatic physique transformations to return to their pre-pregnancy weight in a short while. Sadly, the residual lax pores and skin typically stays after intense fluctuations in weight. Because of this, it will increase the chance of inevitable scarring or stretch marks. Whereas 90% of ladies expertise stretch marks after post-pregnancy weight reduction, the remaining 10% appear to dodge such a typical incidence because of hereditary components. 

How one can Stop Stretch Marks From Dropping Weight?

Whereas there is no such thing as a final technique to forestall these marks altogether, there are some steps to scale back the looks of stretch marks in the event that they do kind. For instance, beauty and dermatology specialists say that slowly shedding weight can decrease your probabilities of creating stretch marks. How a lot weight you lose in per week additionally determines the incidence of those marks. Attempt to lose solely round one per cent of your physique weight per week. Going above that restrict would possibly put you in danger for stretch marks. It helps you keep muscle throughout weight reduction and reduces the chance of getting stretch marks. Most significantly, keep your pores and skin hydrated to supply it with the elasticity to re-contract.

Different Methods to Cut back Stretch Marks Danger

Keep Hydrated

In contrast to dry pores and skin, which will increase your threat of stretch marks, gentle pores and skin doesn’t incline in the direction of it. Ingesting enough water can assist keep your pores and skin clean and well-hydrated all through the day. Attempt to limit your consumption of caffeinated drinks resembling espresso, as they may enhance your chance of creating stretch marks.

Eat a Nutritious Food plan

Consuming a balanced food plan that contains a wide range of nutritional vitamins, vitamins, and minerals is likely one of the greatest issues you are able to do in your pores and skin and holistic well being. Subsequently, be sure that your food plan comprises meals wealthy in zinc, vitamin C, protein, vitamin D, and vitamin E, as they’ll enhance your pores and skin well being and collagen manufacturing. 

Get Sufficient Vitamin D

Analysis signifies that decrease serum ranges of vitamin D result in a better incidence of stretch marks. Vitamin D deficiency results in a rise in oestrogen receptors. It’s accountable for the upper incidence of stretch marks amongst ladies with decrease ranges of vitamin D. Subsequently, getting advisable vitamin D helps cut back the probabilities of stretch mark formation. You may eat vitamin D wealthy meals like mushrooms, cheese, eggs, fish, soy merchandise, and broccoli. As well as, daylight is a pure supply to realize the much-needed vitamin D required in your physique.

Keep Wholesome Weight

Sustaining a wholesome weight is likely one of the greatest practical methods to discourage stretch marks. When your pores and skin is overstretched or compelled to overgrow, collagen creation is disrupted, leading to stretch marks. Subsequently, retaining a gradual and respectable weight by means of good vitamin and exercise is your greatest wager to forestall stretch marks.

Remedies for Stretch Marks 

Make an appointment together with your dermatologist to speak your choices in case you nonetheless have these marks regardless of your greatest actions to scale back them. Your physician can prescribe the perfect and most personalised remedy choices. Nevertheless, some therapies may cause unfavourable uncomfortable side effects, notably throughout being pregnant. Subsequently, it’s essential to guage the professionals and cons of any drugs you select. 

Listed here are the frequent approaches for treating stretch marks:

Topical Remedies

A research exhibits that tretinoin cream 0.1% is an efficient topical therapeutic agent for enhancing the scientific look of stretch marks. Tretinoin is a retinoid treatment that reinforces mobile turnover and collagen manufacturing. It exhibits most results throughout the early levels of stretch marks. However no topical therapies can eradicate stretch marks, although they could assist cut back their manifestation. As well as, tretinoin or retinoic acid may cause uncomfortable side effects like peeling, redness, discolouration, and solar sensitivity. So you’ll want to verify using tretinoin with a healthcare supplier.

Different typically used therapies are olive oil, coconut oil, bio-oil, and cocoa butter, which moisturise your pores and skin and cut back dryness-induced stretch marks. However there may be little info indicating the effectiveness of those topical purposes. So whereas this isn’t a positive wager, there is no such thing as a harm in follow.

In addition to tretinoin, hyaluronic acid is one other efficient topical remedy for stretch marks because it will increase collagen manufacturing. Different topical brokers used are trofolastin, silicone, glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid, ascorbic acid, and pirfenidone. 

Laser Remedy and Different Procedures

Laser remedy is one other commonplace process for stretch marks. Nevertheless, it really works greatest when utilised throughout the preliminary part of stretch mark association when they’re uncooked and nonetheless purple. Laser remedy targets the vasculature, reduces redness, and minimally prevents stretch mark development.

Fractionated, Intense Pulsed Gentle, and excimer lasers are for older stretch marks. These laser therapies try to spice up collagen creation. A further drastic technique to stretch mark discount is cosmetic surgery resembling abdominoplasty. Eliminating extra residual pores and skin after weight reduction will reduce the stretch marks in your physique. Nevertheless, these strategies include dangers and are extremely invasive. 

Microneedling Remedy

Microneedling remedy is a minimally invasive methodology that stimulates stretch marks therapeutic by growing collagen and elastin synthesis. Because of this, it exhibits enhancements within the look and texture of stretch marks. For long run outcomes, you would possibly want a median of three classes of micro-needling remedy at four-weekly intervals. 

Tricks to Make Your Stretch Marks Much less Seen

In the event you retain stretch marks, you aren’t alone. Stretch marks are prevalent for individuals of all ages. If the stretch marks are a beauty concern for you, there are methods you may conceal them or cut back their look.

Use Self Tanners

Sunless self-tanners can allow you to fill within the color of your stretch marks and put together them to look nearer to the identical color as the remainder of your pores and skin. Nevertheless, common tanning won’t be efficient as nicely as a result of it may negatively affect the well being of your pores and skin. 

Use Make-up

If you must cowl up a few of your stretch marks for brief durations, utilizing basis make-up that matches your pores and skin tone can assist conceal your stretch marks.

Use Topical Cream or Ointment

A number of topical lotions assist make stretch marks look means higher in look. Be sure you analysis and discover out what’s greatest in your pores and skin sort. 

Put on Garments with Extra Protection

Carrying lengthy sleeves or lengthier pants can conceal areas with stretch marks. Nevertheless, these marks ought to by no means decrease your shallowness and selection of clothes. Put on what you might be most comfy with. 


Stretch marks are a beauty concern since it’s unattainable to take away them altogether. It arises because of a speedy improve in physique weight, being pregnant, development spurts, and sure well being situations. As well as, the remaining stretch marks after shedding weight would possibly make you are feeling self-conscious. Nevertheless, therapies can be found to enhance the stretch mark look by tightening and plumping your pores and skin. For instance, you need to use self-tanner or tinted physique lotion to make stretch marks much less noticeable. You can too use topical lotions with soothing and moisturising parts that assist with bodily or chemical exfoliation. If these choices don’t be just right for you, speak to your dermatologist to debate extra invasive choices. Although it’s comparatively uncommon, these marks would possibly point out extra severe underlying well being situations, resembling Cushing syndrome or Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Subsequently, speak to your physician when you’ve got stretch marks however haven’t gained weight or misplaced weight. 

Regularly Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q. Do stretch marks go away while you drop some weight?

A. Stretch marks are usually not more likely to disappear, even in case you drop some weight. Generally, speedy weight reduction will increase the chance of stretch mark formation. Nevertheless, nearly all of the stretch marks are out of your weight acquire. So while you lose some weight, they develop into extra seen.  

Q. Why am I getting stretch marks if I’m shedding weight?

A. Stretch marks typically happen when individuals acquire or drop some weight quickly. For instance, while you drop some weight, your pores and skin responds by rapidly shrinking and stretching. When this occurs, the collagen and elastin in your pores and skin can rupture, leading to stretch marks. Subsequently, slowly shedding weight can cut back your probabilities of creating stretch marks. 

Q. How do you keep away from extra pores and skin when shedding weight?

A. To keep away from extra pores and skin when shedding weight, use firming lotions. A good selection for a firming cream consists of retinoids. Additionally, you need to use dietary supplements. Whereas there is no such thing as a mysterious capsule to restore free pores and skin, particular dietary supplements could also be useful. Lastly, consuming water and staying hydrated is likely one of the best methods to maintain your pores and skin tight when shedding weight.  

Q. How do you forestall stretch marks when shedding weight?

A. To stop stretch marks, you must management your weight reduction price. Attempt to lose solely round one per cent of your physique weight per week. As well as, you must keep hydrated and eat a nutrient-rich food plan. Additionally, embrace vitamin C in your food plan, absorb some vitamin D, and eat meals wealthy in zinc. All these components assist enhance collagen and cut back the severity of stretch marks.  

Q. What does shedding 50 kilos do to your physique?

A. Dropping fifty kilos can have drastic penalties in your physique. You might be inclined to sleep higher, notably in case you are enduring sleep apnea. Your blood strain and ldl cholesterol are inclined to drop, and unimaginable issues just like the reminiscence course of and the well being of your eyes improve. Nevertheless, you develop into extra more likely to expertise hanging pores and skin.  

Q. Does pores and skin shrink after weight reduction?

A. On account of its elastic nature, pores and skin can shrink after fats or muscle loss. If extra fats stays within the pores and skin for an prolonged time, it may lose a few of its elastic capability with weight reduction. Nevertheless, the pores and skin can retract or shrink for minor to reasonable quantities of weight reduction. It won’t be the identical for speedy weight reduction. 

Q. How do I tighten my abdomen pores and skin after weight reduction?

A. There is no such thing as a fast remedy to tighten stretch marks in your abdomen. Nevertheless, topical therapies can assist make them look much less noticeable. For instance, utilizing hyaluronic acid and retinoids resembling tretinoin will increase collagen manufacturing. Because of this, it provides a extra firmness or tightness to the free pores and skin in your abdomen.  

Q. Is it fats or free pores and skin?

A. Most often, free pores and skin is undoubtedly only a case of additional subcutaneous physique fats coated by the pores and skin. Subcutaneous fats is gentle fats. It’s versatile or jiggly and appears like hanging pores and skin.

Q. Can train cut back stretch marks?

A. Every day train has a mix of advantages, however it can’t trigger your stretch marks to vanish. Stretch marks are a type of scars, and exercises can’t enhance scar tissue or rebuild the ruptured elastin and collagen. 

Q. What is huge weight reduction?

A. Large or excessive weight reduction is interpreted as a steady lack of multiple kg per week. For instance, losing40% of your extra weight in a brief interval comes beneath the class of large weight reduction. Beneath such conditions, your physique is unsure about dealing with the sudden fats composition adjustments, and unhealthy signs are sure to happen. 

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