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Simple Tips on How to Lose Water Weight- HealthifyMe

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Water weight or water retention is widespread and normally not a trigger for concern. It’s the physique’s means of defending itself towards dehydration. Nevertheless, feeling puffy or bloated may make you are feeling uncomfortable.

Relying in your state of affairs, there are just a few attainable methods to minimise water weight. However the fact is that it’s not attainable to eliminate water weight fully, and also you shouldn’t attempt for it.

Right here’s what water weight is, the place it comes from, and the steps you possibly can take to shed the additional water.

Understanding Water Weight

Water weight is the time period used to explain the additional fluid that will get constructed up in your tissues, making you are feeling bloated and swollen. The commonest symptom is puffiness within the fingers, wrists, ankles, and abdomen.

Water weight may also trigger your whole physique weight to fluctuate by just a few kilos in simply someday. Nevertheless, it’s essential to do not forget that water weight doesn’t imply you might have gained muscle or fats.

As a substitute, water weight is normally a short lived situation ensuing from a hormonal imbalance, irregular cortisol ranges, being pregnant, menstruation, a salty or carbohydrate-rich weight-reduction plan, or sure drugs.

Analysis means that the typical particular person has 2-5 kilos of water weight. Nevertheless, this quantity will differ primarily based on age, gender, weight-reduction plan and physique composition.

Though extra water weight isn’t a everlasting situation, it might probably trigger discomfort, particularly when it results in abdomen bloating. If water weight impacts your high quality of life, converse to a health care provider for assist.

Methods to Lose Water Weight

Completely different folks have completely different quantities of water weight, decided by elements like well being, physique measurement and composition, gender, and way of life. So one of the simplest ways to eliminate water weight is to seek out out what’s inflicting it.

Attempt the beneath methods to minimise extra water weight.


Reasonable to vigorous train helps enhance your circulation and lymphatic system. It additionally helps take away any extra water saved in your physique.

Moreover, once you train, you sweat, which causes a drop in water weight, in addition to a rise in blood circulation. To place this into apply, attempt to go for a stroll or jog for at the least half-hour a day.

Scale back Your Carb Consumption

It is best to eat fewer refined and easy carbs as a result of they trigger the physique to retain extra water. The physique shops the surplus carbohydrates you eat as glycogen.

Glycogen pulls in water, so the extra glycogen you retailer, the extra water you keep. That is the explanation why low-carb diets can result in rapid lack of water weight.

Drink Extra Water

Should you’re making an attempt to scale back water weight, you must keep hydrated. Ingesting much less water will trigger you to retain water and swell up. As well as, staying hydrated will assist your physique flush out extra sodium via urine.

Scale back Stress

A latest examine discovered that stress causes your physique to launch the hormone cortisol, which ends up in fluid retention and water weight acquire. Sadly, this hormonal imbalance additionally impacts your urge for food, making you crave high-calorie consolation meals which can be low in dietary worth.

Pure Diuretics

Urination lets you lose water weight rapidly. Diuretics are compounds that improve urine manufacturing. Therefore, the consumption of pure diuretic sources is likely to be a sensible method. Cranberry juice is without doubt one of the finest pure diuretic sources.

Improve Potassium Consumption

An electrolyte imbalance could cause hypertension. Potassium helps regulate electrolytes and fluid stability within the physique. You possibly can improve your potassium consumption by consuming extra fruit and veggies, together with dried fruits, darkish inexperienced leafy greens, pumpkin, oranges, broccoli, watermelon, and coconut water.

Preserve the Magnesium Stage

If you wish to lose water weight, it’s not nearly potassium. Including magnesium to your weight-reduction plan can even assist. Magnesium helps regulate fluid stability in your physique.

So eat leafy greens, almonds, beans and avocado to keep up a wholesome magnesium stage. Additionally, dandelion dietary supplements cut back water weight by guiding your kidneys to get rid of urine and extra sodium.

Decrease the Sodium Stage

Consuming an excessive amount of sodium will trigger your physique to retain water, and you’ll acquire water weight. To keep away from this, restrict your consumption of sodium-rich meals and drinks.

Improve Your Sleep High quality

Sleeping for 7 to 9 hours may help regulate sodium and water ranges by stress-free the renal nerves within the kidney, stopping the buildup of extra water weight in your physique. So, giving your physique enough time to relaxation may help cut back extra water weight.

The HealthifyMe Observe

To lower water weight, change high-sodium meals with low-sodium meals and eat meals wealthy in electrolytes like potassium and magnesium. Nevertheless, the velocity at which you lose water weight varies relying on the trigger. Should you suspect you might have an underlying well being situation.


In conclusion, water weight is normally a short lived downside. Altering your weight-reduction plan and way of life might assist cut back the discomfort attributable to water weight.

Though it might appear counterintuitive, you may also cut back water weight by consuming extra water. Nevertheless, you’ll want medical assist in case your water weight is because of a persistent well being situation.

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