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Is Sunflower Oil Keto

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Is sunflower oil keto?


You’re beginning a ketogenic weight loss plan, or you’ve been following a low carb excessive fats weight loss plan for some time and you are attempting completely different cooking oils.

Or possibly you’re experimenting with the most effective fats supply so as to add to your crunchy salads.


Now you’re asking whether or not you’ll be able to cook dinner with sunflower oil.


Brief Reply



The straightforward reply is that industrial oils are unhealthy as they’re extremely processed and are excessive in linoleic acid.

However cold-pressed sunflower oil which can be excessive in oleic acid could also be okay for keto.

There is no such thing as a straightforward reply, so let’s take a look at what sunflower oil is, how it’s made, and the completely different parts that will make it keto or not keto-friendly.

What’s Sunflower Oil?

Because the identify suggests, sunflower oil is constructed from sunflower seeds.

For this dialogue we deal with two varieties of sunflower oil, the primary is the common oil that’s generously stocked at your native grocery store.

The second is high-oleic sunflower oil.

The third which we’ll simply contact on briefly is a hybrid between these two.

Earlier than we will even contemplate whether or not it’s wholesome and or keto compliant, we should contemplate the composition of the out there merchandise.

So, allow us to begin with what fatty acids we’ll discover in sunflower oil.


It’s excessive in nutritional vitamins E and Okay.

However in deciding whether or not sunflower oil is sweet for keto, we wish to have a look at the lipid profile – the fatty acid breakdown.

Sunflower oil consists of the next fatty acids.

  • Palmitic acids or saturated fatty acids (SFAs)
  • Monosaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) – Oleic acids – Omega 9
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) – Linoleic acids – Omega 6

Now, let’s take a look at the breakdown of every of those fatty acids in common and high-oleic sunflower oils…

  • SFAs – 1.44 gram – 11%  
  • MUFAs – 2.73 gram – 20% 
  • PUFAs – 9.20 gram – 70%
  • Complete – 13.37 gram – 100%
  • SFAs – 1.38 gram – 10%  
  • MUFAs – 11.70 gram – 86% 
  • PUFAs – 0.53 gram – 4%
  • Complete – 13.61 gram – 100%

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Common sunflower oils have excessive ranges of linoleic acid (70% and extra) and low ranges of oleic acid 30% or much less.

Excessive-Oleic oil has a really low stage of linoleic acid and excessive ranges of oleic acid – 70% or extra.

Medium vary oils have oleic ranges of round 60%.

Okay, so why does this matter?

Excessive Linoleic Oil (Common)

Round 70% of the fatty acids in sunflower oil is Omega 6. Most seeds and seed oils are filled with omega 6.

Despite the fact that omega 6 is an important fatty acid that the physique can’t manufacture, we already devour lots of it and we do not wish to devour an excessive amount of of it.

Ideally, we wish to devour each omega 3 and 6 every day however in a ratio of 1:1.

What about high-oleic sunflower oil?

Excessive-Oleic Sunflower Oil

As you’ll be able to see above, it’s made up of solely 4% linoleic acids and greater than 80% oleic acid (omega 9).

There may be considerably much less omega 6 fatty acids and if our essential determination about cooking with sunflower oil, is the extent of omega 6, then sure this seems to be like a greater oil in your ketogenic weight loss plan.

Click on on the picture to see them on Amazon. The product can also be out there in single bottles…

Mid-Vary Oils

There are an entire vary of oils with linoleic and oleic acids ratios in the midst of these. 

That is an instance of a mid-range product at Amazon…

Why are they Totally different?

Initially all sunflower oils had been excessive in linoleic acid. 

However primarily based on a rising understanding of the well being wants of the inhabitants, farming practices had been tailored to extend the oleic acid composition of sunflower seeds.

So over time a number of types of sunflower seeds have been developed by customary plant breeding strategies, to vary the construction of the seeds.

It’s claimed that none of those practices embrace genetic modification. For extra details about these modifications, learn –

Genetic potentialities for altering sunflower oil high quality to acquire novel oils

Progress within the genetic modification of sunflower oil high quality

So, in conclusion the composition of the seeds has been modified over time to provide a more healthy oil.

The subsequent query could be how are these oils processed?

How is the Oil Produced?

The oil have to be extracted from the seeds, ideally in a manner that destroys as little as potential of the vitamins but in addition present an honest shelf life.

There are three steps to acquire the oil from the seeds.

1 – Preparation

The seeds are cleaned with sieves and magnetic separation to take away impurities like stems, leaves, stones, and another parts that shouldn’t be included within the seed oil.

2 – Extraction

Then the oil is extracted from the seeds.

It may be extracted with a cold-pressed course of by expeller urgent.

Or a scorching press course of the place additional warmth is launched to extract the oil.

Or a chemical course of utilizing chemical parts.

3 – Refining

As soon as the oil has been extracted, it have to be refined.

This may be naturally or embrace processes like degumming, neutralising, bleaching, deodorising and anti-oxidising. To grasp this higher learn extra right here.


It’s clear that in case you are contemplating including sunflower oil to your keto weight loss plan, you will wish to be certain it’s a high-oleic oil and that has ideally been chilly pressed with as little refinement as potential.


What do the macros appear like?


The macros per 1 tablespoon (roughly ½ a fluid ounce or 15ml) –

  • Energy – 124 
  • Internet Carbs  –  0 
  • Fats  –  14
  • Protein  –  0

The macros are very a lot the identical whether or not you have a look at common or high-oleic oil.

What’s completely different is the various kinds of fatty acids as will be clearly seen within the USDA supply paperwork and mentioned above beneath composition.

Glycemic Index (GI)

Sunflower oil like most oils has no sugar and no carbs so it doesn’t affect blood glucose ranges.

Nonetheless is mentioned in our article – Is ghee keto pleasant? – once you add a superb keto-friendly fats to greens, it additionally improves the GI of your meal.

Can I cook keto meals with sunflower oil?

Causes to not Devour it

As you have seen, so long as you select a excessive oleic oil and never a excessive linoleic oil, you’ll be able to add small portions into your ketogenic weight loss plan.

However these are the explanations I desire to stay to different fat: 

Over Consumption of Omega 6 

Most are excessive in linoleic acids/omega 6. 

Altering in Seed Composition

All sunflower seeds was excessive in linoleic acids. So that’s its pure kind.

This was modified by farming practices. If this had been my solely possibility, I’d be okay with this.


There are More healthy Alternate options 

There are a lot of different wholesome fats choices to cook dinner with, to drizzle over your greens or so as to add to salads.

Listed below are a couple of…

Alternate options

My favourite fat for cooking are:

Animal Fat

I prefer to cook dinner with animal fat like lard, tallow, and leftover fats. And, additionally with ghee.

These are my favourite for a couple of causes.

All of them have a excessive smoke level. All of them consist principally of saturated fats, so will not go rancid like vegetable oil.

Right here we focus on the most effective ghee for keto.

You possibly can render your individual lard, however if you wish to purchase it, take a look at one thing like this…

If you wish to cook dinner with leftover grease, then spend money on a superb grease keeper like this one…

This additionally makes for an important present for a keto good friend.


In case you are available in the market for items, then try our keto present concepts.

In the event you desire vegetable oils for cooking and in your salads, then these are some choices…

Vegetable Fat

Good vegetable fats sources for cooking embrace – coconut, additional virgin olive, and avocado oils.

So as to add to salad dressings, my favorites are olive, avocado, and MCT oils.

This scrumptious Portuguese olive oil has the identical fatty acid construction as a high-oleic sunflower oil.

One other lovely present thought.

In any case this, if you happen to do wish to cook dinner with sunflower oil, then preserve the next in thoughts…

Shopping for Sunflower Oil

What to look out for?

  • A high-oleic oil – so not the usual one you purchase at your grocery store.
  • Natural
  • Non-GMO
  • Chilly-pressed
  • A darkish container like the best way a superb olive oil is packaged. (Sadly, this sort of packaging is uncommon.)
  • As recent as potential. The very last thing you need is an oil that has gone rancid.

This product shouldn’t be unhealthy, besides that it isn’t licensed natural…


In conclusion to the query – Is sunflower oil keto?

The reply is –

Excessive-oleic sunflower oil is keto.

Common high-linoleic sunflower oil shouldn’t be keto.


Test the way it was produced and refined and stick with cold-pressed oil.

And if you wish to learn about sunflower seeds, then try this text.

Keto Stamp of Approval?

Solely high-oleic sunflower oil is okay for keto.


There are higher oils for cooking or to drizzle over salads that you could be wish to contemplate. 

We Want Your Assist

When you’ve got a query about your favourite cooking oil, please depart a remark.


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