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Is Spam Keto Friendly

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Are Spam and all of the totally different flavors it is available in keto-friendly? And what about Spam lite?


You might be on the lookout for straightforward wholesome quick meals that’s fast and straightforward to organize or, in actuality, pre-cooked.

You might be going tenting or dwelling in a dorm and are asking whether or not you may nonetheless get pleasure from your outdated Spam recipe in your ketogenic eating regimen.

So the…

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The straightforward reply is that Spam is low in carbs, excessive in fats, and reasonable in protein.

However, that doesn’t apply to all flavors.

And although the macro profile for many Spams is keto, you might also be asking – is Spam wholesome?

After which, simply because the macro profile is keto-friendly doesn’t suggest that every one the substances are.

So, whether or not it is best to eat Spam or not will depend on your keto philosophy.

Let’s take a look at what it’s, the substances, how it’s made, the macros, the variants, and one of the best methods to eat it.

What Is Spam?

It’s canned lunch meat.

The unique is made with these six substances:

  • Pork shoulder and ham (cured leg of the pig) 
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Potato starch (to protect moisture and maintain all of it collectively)
  • Sugar
  • Sodium nitrate (as a preservative)

You might agree that the product is probably not genuinely keto, given the ingredient checklist.

Scroll all the way down to learn extra about macros vs. substances.

How is it Made?

That is how unique Spam is made. 

  • Step one is to separate the meat from the bone and grind it up.
  • All the opposite substances are then combined into the bottom meat and chilled.
  • This uncooked chilly combination is then pressed into cans and vacuum sealed. 
  • The meat is cooked in cans and allowed to chill down fully. 
  • The cans are then labeled and packaged, and the Spam is able to eat with an extended shelf life.

Need to know extra? Then go right here.

The profit is that it has an extended shelf life and is straightforward to hold for hikers or campers, and it may be eaten heat or chilly.

So, let’s have a have a look at the macros.



The macros per 2-ounce serving

  • Energy – 180 
  • Internet Carbs  –  1 
  • Fats  –  16
  • Protein  –  7


As you may see, these are fairly good macros for any keto meal.

There at the moment are at the least 15 forms of Spam. All of them have roughly 7 to 9 grams of protein per serving. 

How are they totally different?

The primary distinction is the try to make them “more healthy” by creating lite and low sodium variations.

The second is to offer selection with added taste. With this product vary, you have to fastidiously examine the sugar and carb content material.


The macros per 2-ounce serving

  • Energy – 110 
  • Internet Carbs  –  1 
  • Fats  –  8
  • Protein  –  9


Rooster is added to the pork and ham to make the lite model. As rooster meat is leaner than pork meat, it reduces the fats content material.

In case you comply with a ketogenic eating regimen, you’re in all probability on the lookout for meals with excessive fats, medium protein, and low carb macros.

If that’s you – then the Basic is a greater choice.

Another excuse to stay to Basic is that it has fewer preservatives.

Spam with Added Flavors

If you have a look at these newer merchandise like Spam with Bacon, the macros are similar to the Basic.

Nevertheless, on the opposite facet, you get Tocino and Teriyaki with 7 grams and 5 grams of web carbs per serving.

The macros per 2-ounce serving for Spam Tocino

  • Energy – 170 
  • Internet Carbs  –  7 
  • Fats  –  13
  • Protein  –  7


As you may see, these aren’t keto-friendly. And the difficulty isn’t just the upper variety of carbs per portion however the considerably larger quantity of added sugar.

Glycemic Index (GI)

Spam has little or no sugar and carbs – so it shouldn’t have any or a really affect on blood glucose ranges. 

Can I eat spam on keto? [Answers and Keto Philosophy]

Macros vs. Substances

If you have a look at the macros of Spam, you may discover the “good” keto macros.

However if you have a look at the substances, you may discover that they don’t seem to be all keto.

Particularly, the sugar and potato starch.

So, given the ingredient checklist, you could agree that Spam is probably not genuinely keto regardless of the macros.

And that is the place you have to resolve what kind of keto eating regimen you’re following. 

In case you comply with a lazy keto method, then Spam is keto-friendly.

Nevertheless, in case you are a Purest and keep away from all substances thought of “not keto” out of your eating regimen, you will not eat Spam.

So, macros, sure! Substances no!

For many people, there are different issues, like:

Availability and Value

Despite the fact that we choose to eat contemporary low-carb meals, our most popular choices could not all the time be accessible.

And at occasions, our price range could also be tight.

So there could also be occasions when a can of Spam would be the best and finest low carb meals choice accessible.

That is particularly the case for campers and school college students who could discover easy accessibility to keto-friendly well-priced meals a problem.

Is Spam Wholesome?

The macros are good, however is it wholesome?

I suppose the query here’s what you outline as wholesome. 

It’s processed meals with an extended shelf life, so not likely.

It has added sugar and potato starch, so once more not likely.

However it’s a first rate supply of fats and protein. 

So, it might have a spot in a low carb, excessive fats eating regimen although it is probably not the healthiest meals for a ketoer.

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The place to Purchase it

Your Native Grocery store

The beauty of Spam is which you can purchase it in all places.


Need to see all of the Spam merchandise collectively? Then examine them out right here.

These single-portion pouches are a superb choice for an on-the-go meal.

Are you on the lookout for a more healthy on-the-go keto meal or snack? Then beef jerky is a superb choice.

Need to know which is our favourite? Then try our favourite jerkies right here.

Or for extra details about why it’s keto-friendly, then learn –

Is Beef Jerky Keto?

Find out how to Eat it

There are lots of methods to eat Spam.


Eat it uncooked from the can when you’ve got no option to warmth it up or if you happen to prefer it uncooked.

However you’d in all probability need to fry it.


Lower it into slices and make a sandwich with low-carb bread.

Or my favourite – minimize it into sticks, make low carb ketchup and eat them like fries.

Or minimize them into little blocks and make Spam cauli rice or make this scrumptious breakfast.


In conclusion to the query – Is Spam keto?

Primarily based on the macros, the reply is sure!

Primarily based on the substances – not likely! 

And to the query – Is Spam lite keto?

The macro profile is not so good as the Basic, and it has extra unhealthy substances.

So, if you wish to eat Spam, eat the Basic. The substances are the healthiest with the least added sugar.

Spam is a handy pre-cooked meals with keto-friendly macros. So it is a superb meals to maintain in your pantry although you could not need to eat it recurrently. 

Keto Stamp of Approval?

Spam is low carb with glorious macros however comprises sugar and is extremely processed. 

So, it may help your low carb or keto eating regimen however just isn’t 100% keto-approved.

We Want Your Assist

When you’ve got questions on any of your favourite meals, go away us a remark.

We might love to include your recommendations into our – “Can I eat this on my keto eating regimen?” collection.


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