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Is Rice Keto Friendly?

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Two questions we hear typically – Is rice keto-friendly? Are rice muffins keto?

So,    You’re asking whether or not you may eat rice or rice muffins on a ketogenic weight loss program?


Brief Reply


The reply can also be no for all colours, lengths, and kinds of rice like brown, wild, Basmati, and Jasmine.

It is usually a definitive no for all processed merchandise like rice flour, muffins, crackers, puffed (or popped), on the spot, and canned rice.


If you’re asking about rice starch it’s nonetheless no.

Why Not?

The easy reply is that rice is a grain and the carbohydrates are too excessive!

This goes for white and brown rice and all processed rice merchandise.

The entire thought of following a ketogenic weight loss program is to burn fats for gas and never sugar or carbs.

So, if you wish to keep in ketosis, you won’t be able to eat it.

Let’s take a look on the complete and web carbs and you will see why…

Whole and Internet Carbs

White rice 

Whole carbs 44.2 grams of carbohydrates per cup or 22.1 per ½ a cup.

You could be stunned that the fiber part of rice is absolutely low, leaving it with 43,6 grams of web carbs per cup and 21.8 per ½ a cup.

Dietary supply

Brown rice 

Whole carbs 44.2 grams of carbohydrates per cup or 22.1 per ½ a cup.

There’s about 3.5 grams of fiber per cup of brown rice leaving it with 40.7 grams of web carbs per cup.

Different sorts 

As a common rule, there are fewer carbohydrates in lengthy grain rice than that within the quick grain variants.

Nonetheless, this distinction is small.

There’s some debate concerning the precise complete and web variety of carbs within the varied kinds of rice.

However, from a keto perspective, the reply is straightforward.

The web carbs are too excessive!

In conclusion, regardless of the kind – there’s roughly 44 grams of carbohydrates in a cup of rice and fewer than 10 % are fiber.

So, a cup has at the very least 40 grams of web carbs regardless of the kind or coloration.

Are Rice Cakes Keto?

Rice muffins and crackers

After I seek for the online carbs of rice crackers, I get various solutions.

That is depending on the model, how refined the product is and possibly the manufacturing course of. 

The approximate variety of carbs per cake is 8 grams with 1 gram of fiber. (This will nonetheless range relying on the dimensions of the cake.)

If you happen to resolve to eat them, all the time do you personal analysis and add the dimensions and model title into your personal carb tracker to get probably the most correct reply.

Puffed rice

Based mostly on the assorted sources that we checked, the online carbs are 12 to 13 grams per cup. That is the full and web quantity because the fiber could be very low.

You may examine the online carbs of any product in your favourite carb counter. Or go right here to examine it with My Health Pal.

Glycaemic Index (GI)

Another excuse to not eat rice once you observe a keto weight loss program is that the Glycaemic Index (GI) and Glycaemic Load (GL) is excessive. 

In a nutshell which means that rice will increase blood glucose ranges.

If you wish to know extra about GI and GL and the several types of carbohydrates, learn our dialogue about Keto and Carbs.

The GI is as follows:

  • Cooked white rice is above 70
  • Cooked brown rice – 68 (Barely decrease than white varieties)
  • Rice crackers – Above 80
  • Puffed rice – Above 80

Supply for the GIs of 60 frequent meals.

Typical vitamin recommendation means that brown rice is more healthy than white rice.

It’s because the GI is decrease. Nonetheless even on this scale the GI degree remains to be excessive.


Processing grains improve the GI, so it is sensible that the GI for puffs and crackers can be greater. 


The influence of consuming too many carbs is that it is going to be exhausting to stay in ketosis.

Moreover, the issue is that regardless of which sort you wish to eat, the GI stays excessive and could be very more likely to spike blood sugar and insulin. 

This may lead to starvation and probably trigger cravings.

Thus, undoing two of the largest advantages of a ketogenic weight loss program.


  • Not all the time being hungry, and
  • Eliminating cravings.

What If?

I solely have a small portion or am coaching for an occasion and must carbo load.

If you’re following a low carb weight loss program (let’s say about 100 grams of carbs per day) and usually are not centered on burning fats as gas, then possibly a small portion will be labored into your every day macro allocation.

Even then you definitely wish to deal with pure entire meals that aren’t extremely processed.

If you’re coaching and following a CKD weight loss program and including greater GI meals into your weight loss program, then sure.

However even then, you could wish to experiment and see if coaching on a stricter keto weight loss program might give you the results you want.


All is just not misplaced if you’re on the lookout for a “rice” to take pleasure in along with your curry. Or once you want consolation meals. These are our favourite substitutes…

Can I eat rice on keto plus substitutes

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Low Carb Rice Alternate options


The simplest and hottest various is cauliflower rice.

I get that it’s an acquired style. However it’s a actual possibility in the event you crave carbs or miss your conventional favourite meals like curry and rice. 

It has about 5 complete grams of carbohydrates per uncooked cup of cauliflower and a couple of grams of that’s fiber. So solely 3 web carbs per uncooked cup!

Add to this a GI of lower than 15 and you’ll perceive why cauliflower is so well-liked on the keto weight loss program.

You may make it your self or purchase it frozen.

I all the time have a pack of frozen cauli rice within the fridge, particularly for these days that I really want a “carby snack” or a light-weight cauliflower stir fry lunch that looks like a better carb meal than what it truly is.

Another choice I like is –

Konjac Rice

You could be extra conversant in the konjac noodles.

It’s the similar factor. They make rice, noodles, lasagna and any sort of pasta you might need.

It’s created from the konjac yam and are composed of water and glucomannan a water-soluble watery fiber.

It has zero web carbs as all of the carbs are derived from fiber.

If you’re asking what’s the lowest carb rice, then that is it.

One of many issues I like about these substitutes is that they’re fast to organize. You may put together a meal inside minutes.


In conclusion to the query – Is rice keto?

The reply isn’t any.

I’m sorry to say however in terms of rice there is no such thing as a possibly rice is okay. It simply is just not!

Even in the event you eat a tiny portion it is going to be powerful to maintain the portion sufficiently small to work it right into a ketogenic weight loss program.

Equally, with the query:

Are rice muffins okay on keto?

No, it isn’t keto-friendly. You might be able to work a single portion right into a low carb weight loss program, or a cyclical keto weight loss program however sadly not right into a ketogenic weight loss program.

And if you’re asking about puffed rice, it’s simply the identical factor as rice muffins. It’s a processed grain with a excessive carb rely and a excessive GI. It could be low in energy, but it surely actually is low in “every part” besides carbohydrates.

You could surprise why rice muffins are held to be a well being meals. It’s in all probability as a result of it has no fats. However it’s a extremely processed grain product that’s excessive in carbs. These are the meals that depart you hungry inside an hour of getting had breakfast.

It’s virtually the precise reverse of what represent wholesome snack meals for a ketoer. 

Keto Stamp of Approval?

Rice is just not keto authorized.

Nonetheless, each cauliflower and konjac rice are and are nice replacements for starchy aspect dishes. 

We Want Your Assist

We would love to listen to from you.

When you have questions on whether or not you may eat your favourite meals on keto or not, depart us a remark. 

We’re engaged on answering as many of those questions as potential and wish to deal with your most pressing questions first.


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