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How Does a Workout Affect Glucose and Ketone Levels?

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In addition to selling weight reduction, the ketogenic weight-reduction plan is usually used to spice up general well being. The weight-reduction plan is well-known for its means to control blood glucose ranges and ketone ranges however understanding whereas on the keto weight-reduction plan can take your well being to the following degree. Let’s discover how a exercise impacts blood glucose and ketone ranges.    Blood Glucose and Keto It’s unimaginable to speak about glucose with out speaking about carbs, and there’s a superb motive why: carbs are metabolized within the physique as glucose. Which means each time you eat carbs (whether or not it’s white pasta or a carb-laden root veggie), your physique converts carbs into blood sugar (glucose), which is then both used as power or saved for later. As a result of the ketogenic weight-reduction plan is low carb, you’re not ingesting as many carbs, which suggests your physique is utilizing or storing as a lot glucose. This additionally signifies that your blood sugar ranges don’t fluctuate up and down as a lot. Research present that the keto weight-reduction plan is so efficient in reducing blood sugar that it’s…

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