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Fact or Fiction: Debunking The Game Changers Movie

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Documentary bias is a standard phenomenon in movie. Whereas some filmmakers take precautions to keep away from implicit bias through the course of, others might select a one-sided method on extra controversial subjects. Funding is a key motivator behind the perpetuation of bias in movie. Generally the bias of the filmmakers is clear, and different instances you actually should ask your self what profit are they gaining for making this film? Within the case of The Recreation Changers, the motivation and biases had been strikingly obvious.

What’s The GameChangers?

The Recreation Changers is a documentary that was just lately launched on Netflix and it explores the advantages of a plant-based food regimen. This documentary didn’t try to painting a impartial standpoint that explored scientific analysis from either side of the plant-based vs meat consumption argument. Quite, it lacked context and misrepresented a number of research (together with a research completed by our laboratory) and utterly omitted any counter-research.

The Recreation Changers documentary makes use of placing imagery and (skewed or poorly carried out) scientific analysis to change your considering and persuade you towards a plant-based method. The trailer featured celebrities who had been the epitome of power and health and promised to elucidate the way you’ve been lied to in terms of vegetarianism, veganism, and health. Sadly, whereas the intent of the film was to dispel myths about well being and athleticism on a plant-based food regimen, it was closely biased and riddled with scientific errors.


I Am Not Anti-Vegan

Let me make this clear: I’m not anti-vegan.  I’m not anti-plants.  On the similar token, I’m not anti-carnivore both. As a scientist, I despise the misrepresentation of analysis within the identify of pushing an agenda and intention to supply individuals with context to make their very own selections based mostly on precise science.  Whereas the preliminary intent might need been good, I imagine as a result of lack of context and counter proof, documentaries like The Recreation Changers might do extra hurt than good.  Subsequently, I wished to deal with their factors on this video and additional breakdown on this article in hopes I will help extra individuals perceive either side of the spectrum.

Earlier than entering into these discussions, I’d wish to level out three issues I assumed this video did properly:

  1. Manufacturing Worth: The cinematography in The Recreation Changers was properly completed and lined many anecdotal tales.
  2. Excessive Profile Illustration: Icons like Arnold Schwarzenegger promoted the video, regardless that he was truly in it for a couple of minutes. Names like Jackie Chan and Chris Paul had been leveraged to extend illustration and a focus to the film which actually helped them make their case.
  3. Shock Worth: Quite a few visible representations had been created to create shock worth in The Recreation Changers (i.e. displaying cloudy blood and searching on the hardness of male erections when evaluating plant vs meat-based meals). Although they appeared cool and convincing, these shock worth representations had been extraordinarily flawed as I’ll focus on beneath.

In my video discussing The Recreation Changers film, I’m going by means of ten of my greatest arguments towards statements made on this documentary and supply factual and scientific analysis to again up my claims, that are outlined beneath.


The Recreation Changers Argument 1: The Roman Gladiators

One of many main opening arguments in The Recreation Changers documentary is predicated on the best warriors of all time—the Roman gladiators. Anthropologists learning the stays of those gladiators discovered excessive ranges of strontium, indicating a food regimen heavy in greens. Actually, these warriors had been nicknames “Horearii” that means beans and barley muncher.1

Whereas this information paints a grandiose picture of robust warriors snacking on beans, the concept that Roman gladiators ate a primarily vegetarian food regimen means little with out context. Motion pictures and media have warped our picture of those people and the Roman gladiator picture we generally take into consideration (chiseled 6 pack) seemingly wasn’t the truth.

The identical research that was cited concerning the strontium ranges additionally defined that gladiators had been “prisoners of warfare, slaves, and condemned offenders.”1 Anthropological analysis has proven that these gladiators did eat a primarily plant-based food regimen, however not as a result of it was wholesome. Most probably, these meals had been consumed to fatten the soldiers in order that they might have an additional layer of safety for his or her nerves and blood vessels.  Moreover, barley and wheat was loads cheaper and was the most effective gladiators might afford to supply sustenance to their our bodies.2

A paper printed within the Journal of Diet Science Analysis defined this distinction between historical consuming habits and efficiency. Throughout this time, docs decided food regimen and diet for athletes. “One such type of sport was the traditional gladiator, and right here we be taught from Galen, that beans had been extremely advisable to be able to construct bulk into such athletes.

On broad beans: ‘Our gladiators eat a substantial amount of this meals every single day, making the situation of their physique fleshy – not compact, dense flesh like pork, however flesh that’s in some way extra flabby.’” 3

Dr. Grossschmidt, a Paleo-Pathologist who studied historical gladiators had this to say:

“The vegetarian food regimen had nothing to do with poverty or animal rights. Gladiators, it appears, had been fats. Consuming loads of easy carbohydrates, comparable to barley, and legumes, like beans, was designed for survival within the area. Packing within the carbs additionally packed on the kilos. “Gladiators wanted subcutaneous fats,” Grossschmidt explains. “A fats cushion protects you from lower wounds and shields nerves and blood vessels in a struggle.” Not solely would a lean gladiator have been useless meat, he would have made for a nasty present. Floor wounds “look extra spectacular,” says Grossschmidt. “If I get wounded however simply within the fatty layer, I can struggle on,” he provides. “It doesn’t damage a lot, and it appears to be like nice for the spectators.” 3

Now let’s examine the Roman gladiators to Olympians—particularly contributors of the traditional Olympics. In line with a paper printed within the Journal of the Philosophy of sport,

The traditional Olympics had been open solely to free males and boys of Greek descent who swore an oath to not sin towards the video games; victory was considered as a affirmation of aristocracy… Gladiators, in distinction, occupied the category of ethical outcasts referred to as infamia, and so they had been apparently pressured to kill for leisure….

Gladiators had been compelled to struggle, if not by their masters then by their oath, or by the truth that somebody was charging at them with a knife. Historical Olympic athletes, in distinction, volunteered not just for the competition but additionally for a compulsory month-long coaching camp simply earlier than the video games.” 4

Historical Olympic athletes had been true power and endurance athletes.  Stone carvings and statues from historical Greece depict males with god-like figures similar to modern-day bodybuilding physiques. These historical Olympians had been a number of the first athletes to include meat into their food regimen to be able to enhance efficiency. Among the earliest information of prescribing a meat-heavy food regimen to athletes dates again to a coach named Pythagoras (to not be confused with the thinker and mathematician).5

Charles Stocking, a professor of classical research on the College of Western Ontario, defined the truth that meat was a prized object just for essentially the most rich or influential. Research present that on the finish of the primary Olympic video games, the winner sacrificed an animal and gained the most effective items of meat from that sacrifice. Stocking stated “It exhibits the standing reserved for Olympic victors… As a result of meat was normally reserved for sacrifices to the gods, not a part of the day by day food regimen, introducing meat into an athletes’ food regimen was particularly vital.” 6

Actually, it will appear a few of these athletes even started to eat a decrease carbohydrate food regimen earlier than competing. Francine Sega, a meals historian, stated “A whole lot of historical writers wrote that for optimum bodily efficiency, athletes ought to keep away from grains and bread for six months earlier than the Olympics.” 6

In The Recreation Changers, to say that the most effective warriors of all time consumed a vegetarian food regimen is a weak argument and actually doesn’t show some extent. Specialists within the area have proven that Roman gladiators consumed diets heavy in beans and since these meals had been low-cost and meant so as to add mass (seemingly fats mass). Historical Olympic athletes, then again, had been like celebrities who had been privileged to be fed a food regimen heavy in meat merchandise.


The Recreation Changers Argument 2: Vegans Are Stronger than Meat Eaters

Conor McGregor is a particularly expert UFC fighter. The Recreation Changers makes use of one struggle that Conor McGregor, an enormous meat-eater, misplaced towards Nate Diaz, a vegetarian/vegan, as an argument to point out that vegetarians have superior power and vitality ranges as in comparison with meat-eaters.

This struggle was taken utterly out of context. McGregor was initially alleged to be preventing at 155 kilos towards Rafael dos Anjos who canceled as a result of an harm. McGregor was reducing weight because the time and compelled to rapidly attempt to add mass again on earlier than the Diaz struggle.  In line with Chanel Sonnen, a former UFC title challenger, Diaz entered the ring that day weighing in at 181 kilos, with McGregor standing at 166 kilos. That may be a 15 kilos distinction. 7

Whereas Conor ended up shedding that struggle, 5 months later (and nonetheless consuming meat), McGregor fought Diaz once more at a better weight and gained.  Many people argue that Diaz was the one at an obstacle as a result of he solely had 11 days to arrange for the struggle however weighing 15 kilos heavier than his opponent gave him a a lot bigger benefit.

Once more, one other poor argument or illustration of a superiority complicated of plant-based diets over meat-based diets in The Recreation Changers.  Although it does present you could carry out on a plant based mostly method, one might make the argument that a lot of the finest fighters on this planet eat primarily meat. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZE1vWBm3bk)

As an apart, I assumed it was fairly comical to incorporate Arnold’s scene from Escape Plan when he tells Sylvester Stallone “You hit like a Vegetarian.” Who would have guessed he can be the face of a plant-based documentary solely 5 years later? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLaOIXXalK8)


The Recreation Changers Argument 3: Plant-Primarily based Diets Are Superior for Endurance Athletes

This part of The Recreation Changers focuses on Scott Jurek, a world-record ultramarathoner. This can be a point of interest for the concept that endurance athletes can run on a plant-based food regimen. Whereas this concept is just not incorrect, it’s one-sided in making it appear that this food regimen is superior for endurance athletics. Actually, Scott Jurek doesn’t maintain the document for the quickest time on the Appalachian Path.  He completed the trek in 46 days, 8 hours, and seven minutes.  In 2017, Joe McConaughy broke the document – his food regimen consisting of 8,000 energy a day together with dried sausage. 8 Extra just lately in 2018 Karel Sabbe smashed the document and completed it in 41 days, 7 hours, and 39 minutes.9 Guess what his food regimen consisted of – bacon, eggs, and yogurt. 10

Although there isn’t a direct analysis evaluating a meat vs plant-based food regimen on endurance efficiency, which needs to be carried out into to make claims {that a} plant-based method is superior to different diets. Zach Bitter is a superb instance of an endurance athlete, who holds the 100-mile American document and who additionally occurs to comply with an animal based mostly ketogenic food regimen.11

Once more, a poor argument to make use of with out bringing to mild correct context.


The Recreation Changers Argument 4: The Common Plant-Eater Will get 70% Extra Protein Than Wanted

The entire purpose of this portion of The Recreation Changers documentary was to show you could eat greater than sufficient protein on a plant-based food regimen. The difficulty is, complete protein content material means little or no with out context.  Let me try to paint an image for you of what this implies.  In the event you had been tasked with constructing a home and had been solely given 1000 boards of wooden, it will matter the sort and high quality of the wooden.  If Particular person A has model new, totally full boards of wooden whereas Particular person B has older wooden with some cracks and a few boards which might be rotting, which home do you assume might be stronger?  Much like the boards, not all proteins are equal.  Simply because one supply of protein has 50 grams and one other supply has 50 grams DOES NOT imply they are going to have the identical response.

The helpful points of protein are dictated by their important amino acid content material.  Particularly protein high quality needs to be measured by its branched chain amino acid (BCAA) and extra particularly, leucine content material. 12, 13

The BCAA and leucine content material for animal vs plant-based sources varies drastically.


As you’ll be able to see right here, whey incorporates about 11-12% leucine whereas wheat incorporates about 6-7% leucine.  Thus, to be able to hit the 2-3 grams of leucine wanted to maximise muscle protein synthesis you would wish 25 grams of whey versus 45 grams of wheat protein to hit that threshold. 14

This turns into essential in terms of physique composition.  Dr. Gabriel Wilson confirmed that the standard of protein and the distribution of that protein determines the anabolic signaling and physique composition advantages (wheat protein was considerably worse than whey protein) 15

This was additional demonstrated in a research by Cambell et al (1999). 16 They investigated a lactoovovegetarian food regimen (meat free) in comparison with an omnivorous food regimen on physique composition and muscular power mixed with 12 weeks of resistance coaching.  They discovered that the omnivorous group gained about 2 lbs of muscle whereas the vegetarian group misplaced muscle.

vegan athletes

Apart from instantly evaluating amino acid content material, we all know from a number of analysis research that whey protein is superior to soy/plant-based protein for altering physique composition and selling lean muscle mass good points. In a paper printed by Baer, et. al. a double-blind scientific trial was carried out on the results of whey versus soy protein supplementation in 90 people. The people consuming whey protein noticed a mean 1.8kg distinction in physique mass, with a 2.3g kg drop in fats mass, whereas the soy protein consuming group noticed no distinction in physique mass or composition. 17

Within the research Ingestion of whey hydrolysate, casein, or soy protein isolate by Tang et. al, it was concluded that muscle protein synthesis was induced to a better diploma by whey hydrolysate than soy after train. This was presumed to be as a result of charge at which protein was digested and the variations in leucine content material (ie.e. Whey having a better leucine content material). 18

insulin chart

Plasma insulin concentrations elevated the very best after ingestion of whey hydrolysate indicating elevated glucose uptake inside muscle cells.

Blood concentrations of each leucine and all important amino acids the place biggest after ingestion of whey hydrolysate compared to casein or soy protein.

Combined muscle protein fractional artificial charge (FSR) was biggest within the whey protein consuming group as in comparison with casein and soy teams.

Furthermore, in a 2013 research by Volek, et al., the results of whey protein in comparison with soy protein for muscle mass good points had been evaluated. The authors discovered that regardless of the testing teams have comparable protein consumption and complete day by day energy, the whey protein was more practical than the soy at selling lean muscle mass good points. The authors concluded with “These outcomes spotlight the significance of protein high quality as an essential determinant of lean physique mass responses to resistance coaching.” 19

lean body mass chart

These research are concrete proof that protein high quality does matter and has a drastic influence on physique composition and lean mass good points. If you concentrate on this logically, it is sensible logically.  Take into consideration carbohydrates in context of sugar and fibers. A sweet bar might have the identical quantity of carbohydrates as a vegetable, however the supply of carbohydrates could also be primarily from sugar, whereas the vegetable is from the fiber. They’re completely different qualities, regardless that they’re the identical quantity of vitamins.

This turns into much more essential as we age.  As we become older, we begin to develop “anabolic resistance” that means that our our bodies don’t reply the identical as once we had been youthful. 20 Thus, protein high quality turns into much more essential the older we get!


The Recreation Changers Argument 5: Cloudy Blood After Meat Consumption

In The Recreation Changers, this was a robust visible demonstration. Dr. Vogel introduced in three athletes from the Miami Dolphins to exhibit blood content material after consumption of meat or plant-based meals. After consumption of their designated meat or plant-based meal, the participant’s blood was drawn and spun to point out the separation (pink blood cells on backside, buffy coat within the center, and serum on the high). The serum was proven to be cloudier within the particular person who consumed meat as in comparison with the plant-based meal.

That is meant to be a visually stunning demonstration however is taken utterly out of context. You could have circulating triglycerides in your blood after consumption of fats, the identical as how you will have circulating glucose after a carbohydrate-rich meal. In a research by Wolfe (1996) 21 people had been infused with pure fats instantly into their bloodstream. They discovered that insulin nor glucose rose and that fats was virtually instantly used for vitality (little or no fats within the blood). Nevertheless, once they infused these similar people with a fats and ranging quantities of carbohydrates, they noticed fats utilization decreased, fatty acids within the blood elevated, and each insulin and glucose elevated.

Glucose decreased fats mobilization by each inhibiting lipolysis and stimulating reesterification, thus inflicting a major enhance in triglyceride-fatty acid substrate biking throughout the adipose tissue.”21

This implies when fats is consumed alone, it acts as a gas supply that instantly will get damaged down and utilized,  however when coupled with carbohydrates, they really trigger fats utilization to lower (i.e. take into consideration a Massive Mac and even an Inconceivable Burger with the bun). Within the research proven within the documentary, the people consumed each excessive fats and excessive carbohydrates within the “meat” situation which seemingly contributed to the lower in fats utilization, therefore the cloudy blood. The bean burrito clearly had much less fats than the meat-based burritos and didn’t have the identical influence – not due to the meat however due to the low-fat nature.   Whereas the bottom was the identical, the meat burritos had what seemed to be round 3oz of meat, plus 2-4 tbsp of shredded cheese, in distinction to the bean burrito which had the identical quantity of beans and no shredded cheese. 3oz of black beans solely include 0.8g of fats, whereas floor beef goes to have round 13-16g and even 3 oz of rooster breast (the leanest a part of rooster) has 3g– over 3 instances that quantity of fats within the beans.

They then attempt to use a research titled “Hass avocados modulate postprandial vascular reactivity and postprandial inflammatory responses to a hamburger in well being volunteers” to point out the consumption of vegetation with meat lowers inflammatory responses. 22 This research truly discovered no statistical distinction in blood vessel functioning. The documentary makes it look like this research exhibits people who ate meat confirmed inflammatory markers after consuming, however those that ate meat and avocados didn’t.

The research contributors had been divided into two teams of both consuming meat or consuming meat and avocado. The contributors didn’t eat any meat merchandise three days previous to the research, which might have altered their metabolic response. They discovered no statistically vital variations (p>0.05) in arterial blood circulate or inflammatory markers (besides at hour 4 with IL-6). 22 The one factor that may be interpreted from this research is that it’s a good suggestion to include avocados, seemingly increased quantities of potassium, and a superb supply of monounsaturated fat into your food regimen.

*Attention-grabbing to notice that all through the documentary they acknowledged that a lot of the research displaying advantages of meat are biased as a result of funding.  Right here is the disclosure assertion for the aforementioned research (word it was funded by the Hass Avocado Board) 22

Dr. Robert Vogel makes an enormous level in The Recreation Changers to say that meat consumption causes endothelial injury and when the endothelium can’t dilate, then blood circulate decreases and impairs athletic efficiency and restoration. He cites research like this one and the avocado research as proof, however let’s take a deeper look:

  1. Postprandial hypertriglyceridemia impairs endothelial operate by enhanced oxidant stress 23

This research checked out excessive fats consumption, not animal or plant sources. The research doesn’t element the meal that was given, however reasonably simply that it was a high-fat meal. Moreover, it doesn’t element whether or not or not the contributors had any underlying situations that affected their means to metabolize fats. In Giannattasio, et. al, they discovered {that a} excessive fats meal (once more not plant vs animal, simply excessive fats vs low fats) did trigger endothelial dysfunction however, “This impairment is obvious in dyslipidemic sufferers with baseline hypertriglyceridemia however not in normotriglyceridemic controls.” 24

  1. Hass avocados modulate postprandial vascular reactivity and postprandial inflammatory responses to a hamburger in well being volunteers22

Once more, the researchers discovered no statistical distinction in arterial functioning and the consumption of the burger versus burger and avocado.

To make such a daring assertion that animal manufacturing consumption causes endothelial dysfunction warrants analysis to again it up and so they present none. It’s EXTREMELY essential to distinguish between CORRELATIONAL and CAUSALITY.  To that extent,  although correlational, the one research they offered had been research that discovered no variations in wholesome people and didn’t examine plant versus animal merchandise, however reasonably increased fats (non-ketogenic) versus decrease fats meals.

With the intention to attempt to counter the results of meat on endothelial operate, they examine it to beetroot juice supplementation, which may permit cyclists to cycle 22% longer and lifters to bench 19% extra weight. This has nothing to do with the plant versus animal debate, however reasonably blood circulate from nitric oxide manufacturing.25 Arginine and citrulline are widespread substances in pre-workouts as a result of they’re each amino acids that enhance nitric oxide manufacturing. Citrulline truly converts into arginine, which is the principle amino acid wanted for nitric oxide biosynthesis. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, which implies it expands blood vessels and permits for elevated blood circulate. The rationale beetroot improves train efficiency is due to this, not simply because it’s a plant. Actually, meals like turkey, pork, rooster, and beef are excessive in L-arginine. Meats, poultry and seafood are all wealthy in L-citrulline. All of those meals can enhance train efficiency and enhance blood circulate by means of elevated nitric oxide manufacturing. 26,27, 28 , 29 Furthermore, a research that instantly in contrast a vegan food regimen to a Mediterranean food regimen (MD) discovered that “the MD led to enhancements in microvascular operate (on the whole) and NO bioavailability (particularly) in a wholesome sedentary inhabitants”. 30

Additionally it is claimed that meats include endotoxins which promote irritation. These claims will not be backed up with any analysis by any means. Gram destructive micro organism have endotoxins, also called lipopolysaccharide (LPS), of their outer layer; these toxins act as a sort of protection mechanism for bacterial cells. 31 Quite a few research have proven low endotoxin counts in meat merchandise. To say that meats are full of those toxins which might be destroying your physique is a far-fetched declare with no scientific proof to again it up. 32, 33

“In wholesome people, LPS doesn’t cross the intestinal barrier simply and LPS is metabolized in animal tissues, notably the liver, and within the lungs. Endotoxins that attain the respiratory tract are rendered innocent by macrophages and polymorphonuclear leukocytes. Thus, endotoxin wouldn’t be anticipated to build up in edible tissues. An endotoxin-contaminated feed ingredient would due to this fact not pose a danger to the buyer of animal merchandise.” 33

All the research cited within the connection between meat consumption and lethal illnesses are correlational research. Correlation doesn’t equal causation. All these research did was ask contributors what medical situations they suffered from and what sort of meals they ate. They don’t account for complete caloric consumption, train, smoking, stress, or every other components that may contribute to those illnesses. 34


The Recreation Changers Argument 6: The Solely Weight-reduction plan That Has Ever Been Proven to Reverse Coronary heart Illness Is A Plant-Primarily based Weight-reduction plan

This assertion in The Recreation Changers is predicated on a analysis research that was poorly defined. The summary of this research says, “In a potential, randomized, managed trial to find out whether or not complete life-style adjustments have an effect on coronary atherosclerosis after 1 yr, 28 sufferers had been assigned to an experimental group (low-fat, vegetarian food regimen, stopped smoking, stress administration coaching, and average train) and 20 to a standard care group.” 34

Eighty-two % of those people skilled higher cardiovascular well being, however not as a result of they solely switched to a vegetarian food regimen, however due to the a number of different components that had been talked about. In the event that they wished to check the direct results of switching to a vegetarian life-style, they need to have managed for simply this one variable. In fact, people are going to get more healthy if they give up smoking, enhance bodily exercise, decrease energy, and handle stress. 34

Dr. Kim Williams makes the assertion that “if you eat animal merchandise, you begin to type plaques within the coronary arteries, plaque formation within the arteries doesn’t simply restrict the operate of the arteries it will probably additionally block the blood circulate. That’s when the guts begins to have some actual issues maintaining with the calls for of the physique.” Once more, one other assertion with no science or physiological rationale behind it.  Your arteries don’t sense that you simply consumed an animal product and start forming plaques. The precise reason behind atherosclerosis remains to be not properly understood, however the danger components have been properly documented and embody: excessive LDL, hypertension, diabetes, weight problems, gender, smoking, train, and household historical past. 35 Whereas some research have correlated elevated meat consumption with heart problems on the whole, they’re correlational research that no not have in mind the standard of meals, macronutrients of the meals consumed (Massive Macs, and many others) complete caloric consumption, and train ranges. Most frequently in these research, the contributors eat a fast-food based mostly food regimen, heavy in processed carbohydrates and omega-6 wealthy inflammatory fat.

Equally, people who eat a plant-based food regimen that’s not properly rounded can expertise an identical phenomenon.

“In contrast with omnivores, vegetarians, particularly vegans, have decrease serum vitamin B12 focus and n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) ranges within the tissue membrane phospholipids, that are related to elevated collagen and ADP stimulated ex vivo complete blood platelet aggregation, plasma 11-dehydrothromboxane B2, and homocysteine ranges and decreased plasma HDL-C. This can be related to an elevated thrombotic and atherosclerotic danger. It’s advised that vegetarians, particularly vegans, ought to enhance their dietary n-3 PUFA and vitamin B12 intakes.” 36  

Additionally they declare that heme iron causes coronary coronary heart illness based mostly on extra correlational research. 37 Heme iron is rather like most issues in life: higher carefully. Too little or an excessive amount of can have destructive well being results. Anemia, or low iron, impacts 25% of the world’s inhabitants. A significant concern shouldn’t be an excessive amount of iron consumption, however reasonably too little. People are capable of eliminate iron fairly simply to forestall accumulation. 38

Girls naturally lose iron by means of blood through the menses section of their menstrual cycle, whereas males don’t. That is why it’s inspired, particularly for males, to donate blood as typically as doable. Analysis has proven that people who’ve coronary heart illness are at increased danger for most cancers if iron ranges are increased, so it’s a good suggestion to attempt to “iron dump” or donate blood typically.39

Actually, a brand new paper was printed within the journal Annals of Inner Medication suggesting adjustments to present pink meat dietary pointers as a result of analysis displaying little proof that its consumption results in illness. 40


The Recreation Changers Argument 7: Our Mind Is Determined for Glucose – Meat Isn’t Good for That

The geneticist, Dr. Mark Thomas, makes the declare in The Recreation Changers that glucose is the one gas supply the mind can use and it’s ravenous for it. That is scientifically unfaithful. 41

The human mind can use ketones for gas and has truly been proven to favor ketones over glucose in lots of circumstances. Because of the comparatively small dimension and polarity of ketones, they cross the blood-brain-barrier and supply speedy vitality to the mind. 42

Actually, the usage of ketones (endogenously or exogenously) has been explored for therapeutic advantages in neurodegenerative illnesses and mind harm. Our mind cannot solely use one other gas supply, however it prefers too– and that gas supply is ketones. There are quite a few research that show the constructive advantages of ketones on mind well being. 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49

Moreover, following a plant-based food regimen is related to excessive carbohydrate consumption. Quite a few research have linked elevated carbohydrate consumption and decreased B12 consumption to neurodegenerative illness and impairments in mind well being. 50, 51, 52, 53, 54

No less than after this argument, it’s stated that vegetarians have to complement with vitamin B12. It’s stated that meat-eaters have to complement as properly, however in actuality, most meat-eaters eat sufficient vitamin B12.


The Recreation Changers Argument 8: Meat Consumption Reduces Erections and Firmness of the Penis

Dr. Aaron Spitz, the writer of The Penis Guide, carried out a small, uncontrolled experiment on three school athletes to attempt to show that meat consumption influences male intercourse hormones.

These athletes had been fed burritos, both meat or plant-based, after which wore a tool that measured erections and firmness of the penis. This experiment was clearly carried out for shock worth. They noticed a rise in erection time after the plant-based burrito consumption.

Once more, there are such a lot of flaws on this experiment – no management group, no randomization, no different components thought of.   The boys consumed the meat-based burrito on the primary night time after which the plant-based burrito on the second night time. Possible what occurred was that the boys grew to become extra snug sporting the gadget the second night time after which slept higher and skilled a rise in erection time as a result of the sleep high quality improved.

Additionally it is claimed that consumption of cow’s milk precipitated a rise in estrogen and a lower in testosterone ranges; nonetheless, on this research, the contributors had been consuming a excessive quantity of milk from cows that had been pregnant.55 Actually, soy (a standard vegetarian different to take advantage of) has been proven to extend estrogen ranges and doubtlessly lower testosterone ranges., 56, 57


The Recreation Changers Argument 9: Carb-Shoppers Achieve Extra Muscle Mass

The concept that it’s worthwhile to eat excessive portions of carbohydrates to extend muscle mass is outdated. They cite the research referred to as Efficacy of ketogenic food regimen on physique composition throughout resistance coaching in skilled males: a randomized managed trial.58  Whereas this research does present that the traditional carbohydrate group did acquire extra muscle mass than the ketogenic food regimen group, they fail to say that the ketogenic group additionally misplaced extra fats mass and visceral fats mass.

In the event you look exterior of this research, you’ll find loads of analysis confirming you’ll be able to acquire muscle mass on a ketogenic food regimen. Simply take a look at the analysis from Dr. Jacob Wilson59, Rachel Gregory60, Dr, Mike Roberts61, Jordan Pleasure62, Simon Chatterton63 and myself (simply to call a number of). It has been confirmed time and time once more you could construct simply as a lot muscle on a properly formulated low carbohydrate food regimen.

The Recreation Changers then makes use of a research from Dr. Jordan Pleasure, Dr. Jacob Wilson, and myself to make the declare that rice protein is simply nearly as good as whey protein. They took our research utterly out of context. We even state within the paper that “plant-based proteins include roughly 6-8% leucine, and in low doses, they don’t enhance muscle protein synthesis in comparison with animal-based proteins, which include roughly 8-11% leucine.” 64

We even cited two research to point out that at low doses, animal-based proteins can set off muscle protein synthesis, whereas plant-based can not. Understanding this, in our research, we examined excessive ranges (48 grams) of plant and whey proteins to make sure muscle protein synthesis could possibly be triggered. The purpose of the research was to see what occurs after you hit the leucine threshold of three grams, whatever the protein supply. 64


The Recreation Changers Argument 10:  Meat is a Higher Contributor to Carbon Emissions than Transportation

These statistics are startlingly incorrect. The Environmental Safety Company (EPA) has produced information displaying agriculture as a complete solely account for 9 % of all greenhouse fuel emissions, whereas transportation accounts for 29%. Cattle-based farming solely accounts for a small portion of this 9% and has little or no influence on general environmental well being. 65,66,67

Moreover, cattle will not be the water hog they’re portrayed to be within the documentary. Try these infographics from SacredCow that designate the true statistics behind the environmental influence of meat consumption.

the game changers beef water requirementsThe documentary additionally misconstrues the influence of feed for livestock: 68,69,70

the game changers protein As an alternative, we needs to be specializing in limiting pointless transportation and electrical energy emissions. I 100% agree we have to work on saving the environment, nonetheless we should always give attention to Stroll to Work Wednesday’s as a substitute of Meatless Mondays.  For extra particular info on carbon emissions and the impact of cattle emissions and actual research, try our article: Amazon Rainforest Fires and the Environmental Affect of Meat.


Further Concerns

Dean Ornish controversy

Every part that this man says within the documentary is excessive. At one level within the documentary he claims “Individuals who eat a food regimen that’s excessive in animal protein have a 75% elevated danger of untimely loss of life from all causes and a 400 -500%  elevated danger for loss of life from most types of most cancers, prostate, breast, colon most cancers, in addition to sort 2 diabetes “.71 The issue with this research like many longitudinal research prefer it, is that it depends on somebody surveying what they ate over the course of 18 years. These researchers checked out a database of what an people stated they ate on common (and let’s be sincere, most individuals don’t know precisely what number of energy and the macronutrients they eat every day) and in contrast it to all causes of loss of life. That actually contains lung most cancers from smoking and trauma from a automotive accident. To not point out, prostate, colon, and breast most cancers are all extremely heritable that means that genetics performs a big position and was not considered. Moreover, within the acknowledgments you’ll be able to see this research was carried out and funded by an organization with fairness invested in an organization that promote plant-based “scientifically-backed” meal plans/applications and meals.

Dean Ornish himself has been extremely criticized for inflating and misconstruing information from different researchers to try to match his agenda to assist promote his merchandise  (there may be even a complete part simply devoted to his controversy on his wikipedia web page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dean_Ornish).

Melinda Wenner Moyer, a scientific author for Scientific American, wrote a size rebuttal about all of those ill-practices. Quite than re-has what she has to say, I extremely suggest you check out her article breaking down all of his scientific blunders. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/why-almost-everything-dean-ornish-says-about-nutrition-is-wrong/

On the very starting of this text, I highlighted the results of documentary bias and what number of people highlighted on this video had a financial stake within the plant-based agenda. Listed below are some examples:

  • It was already talked about that Dr. Dean Ornish is a extremely controversial determine who sells plant-based books and applications.
  • The documentary was directed by James Cameron, who additionally occurs to personal a pea protein firm.
  • Jame Cameron’s spouse appeared on Oprah encouraging followers to be utterly plant-based no less than at some point.
  • Robert Vogel is one other particular person who sells a guide referred to as The Pritikin Edge that focuses on the advantages of a plant based mostly food regimen.
  • It was talked about that Dr. Aaron Spitz was the writer of The Penis Guide, however it needs to be recognized that this guide closely focuses on a plant-based food regimen for male reproductive well being.
  • Rip Esselstyn is the son of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, a person who sells applications and different varied types of media selling a plant-based food regimen.


The histological photos proven on this portion of the documentary had been extraordinarily deceptive. Quite than explaining the variations within the arteries, Rip Esselstyn says one artery is a clear artery and the opposite is from “a long time consuming meat and dairy food regimen”. This can be a ridiculous assertion. The primary artery is a wholesome artery and the second is of an atherosclerotic artery. This injury to this artery was circuitously brought on by meat and dairy consumption. To not point out, these arteries appear to be they’re from completely completely different areas on the physique. Have a look at the pictures beneath. They most likely appear to be actually unhealthy arteries too, compared to the primary picture Rip confirmed. No– they’re completely wholesome arteries taken from the spermatic wire and an arcuate artery respectively. Totally different areas of the physique have wildly completely different histological appears to be like. 72

As for the biomarkers that had been considerably modified within the firefighters, this was a poorly managed research. On high of adjusting their food regimen, they subsequently diminished complete caloric consumption and started exercising extra. That is what precipitated the load loss, which subsequently precipitated reductions in ldl cholesterol biomarkers. Any particular person who’s chubby or overweight will see comparable reductions in mass and ldl cholesterol is that they drop their caloric consumption and enhance vitality expenditure. For instance, these research beneath element how a food regimen that’s virtually the precise reverse of plant based mostly (ketogenic food regimen– excessive fats, sometimes excessive meat consumption) can cut back physique fats mass and ldl cholesterol and enhance cardiovascular biomarkers. 73, 74, 75, 76, 77



Let me make one factor very clear.  I’m not anti-vegan.  I’m anti-propaganda and pro-context as a result of with out it, individuals can misconstrue what is definitely being acknowledged.  The purpose of this text is to point out the proof that this documentary omitted or failed to supply context for.  I might hate for individuals to see The Recreation Changers after which change to a plant-based food regimen with out being knowledgeable on precise results, correct dietary supplementation wants, and many others.

Our purpose is that will help you be the healthiest model of your self, and never affected by sarcopenia and frail bones at an early age due to low-quality amino acid consumption, and restricted vitamin and mineral supplementation.

It’s truly doable to do a plant based mostly ketogenic method and I sat down and mentioned this with my buddy Dr. Will Cole on my podcast (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxZAfyOuTsk)

In the event you’d wish to be taught extra concerning the environmental influence of meat consumption, try my What The Fats podcast episode the place I communicate with Amanda Radke right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ef08JGkKubQ

I have to say, I did chortle hysterically at this little clip our videographer put collectively from a current interview Arnold did speaking concerning the documentary… (https://www.instagram.com/p/B37968_gkIW/)

On the finish of the day, I believe each vegans and omnivores can agree on one factor – extra complete items and fewer processed junk.  Let’s work in direction of a more healthy world by beginning there.



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