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Collagen for Weight Loss – Does it Work?

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Weight reduction is a major concern for most individuals within the up to date world. Whereas the sort of lives most of us dwell calls for us to be match we, alternatively, placed on extra weight because of sedentary existence and fallacious meals habits. Nevertheless, weight reduction isn’t very exhausting. The best method to stop that’s eat proper, limit junk meals consumption and transfer extra. 

We will discover numerous meals sources for weight reduction. For instance, utilizing collagen for weight reduction is a buzzword on the web. Collagen is a protein molecule current in our physique. Additionally, a number of components of our physique, like tendons, ligaments, pores and skin, and muscle groups, include this molecule. 30% of the full protein in our physique comes from it.

In meals, collagen is discovered solely in animal flesh and fish. Earlier than shifting on to weight reduction, allow us to perceive what collagen is and the way it impacts our physique.

Collagen is a sort of protein that performs important features in our physique.  It’s accountable for giving our pores and skin construction and bolstering our bones. As well as, numerous actions inside our physique rely upon collagen. It contains tissue restore, immune response, mobile communication inside the physique, and mobile migration, a course of needed for tissue upkeep. 

This protein molecule could not directly assist together with your weight reduction. It will increase satiety and regulates fats metabolism, rising the impact of resistance coaching on muscle mass. Nevertheless, there was minimal analysis on the affiliation between collagen and weight reduction. 

Forms of Collagen

Collagen is probably the most extensively discovered protein in animals. There are 28 totally different types of collagen within the human physique. 5 of them 28 get used extra ceaselessly in dietary supplements.

These 5 frequent kinds of collagen are very totally different when it comes to shapes and origins. On account of these variations, they contribute to varied causes and still have different potential benefits.

The 5 extensively used collagen are as follows:

Kind I Collagen

It’s the most typical sort of collagen current in our physique. It’s positioned within the dermis, just under the pores and skin’s floor, and makes up 90% of the physique’s collagen reserves. On account of its many potential benefits, kind I collagen will be present in most complement varieties.

Membranes like eggshells include kind I collagen. Kind I collagen could promote the nucleation and development of bone mineral crystals. Some folks take collagen Kind I as a complement along with their wholesome life-style selections to keep up wholesome hair, nails, and pores and skin. 

Kind II Collagen

Marine and poultry merchandise each embody kind II collagen. Nevertheless, there’s little present analysis on the effectiveness of kind II collagen. Preliminary trials on people with knee osteoarthritis indicated ache discount when kind II collagen acquired supplied. As well as, kind II collagen is much less compactly packed than kind I collagen. Subsequently, the physique would possibly break down and take in kind II collagen higher.

There must be extra analysis on advantages corresponding to a wholesome joint irritation response, the regeneration of broken joint cartilage, and enhancements in vary of movement. As well as, folks allergic to poultry or fish ought to seek the advice of their physician earlier than taking something containing kind II Collagen.

Kind III Collagen

The second most prevalent sort of collagen within the physique naturally is kind III. On account of its distinctive alpha chain, this type differs from the others. The alpha chains within the different types of collagen are quite a few.

Kind III collagen is assumed to assist the uterus, muscle groups, blood vessels, and the intestine alongside kind I collagen. The commonest supply of kind III collagen is bovine merchandise.

Some research recommend that the physique could use kind III collagen to fight inflammatory issues. As well as, your physique makes use of amino acids nonetheless it sees match. Subsequently, utilizing a selected collagen complement to focus on a specific physique part could not at all times be useful.

Kind V Collagen

The cornea incorporates kind V collagen naturally, which helps regulate the dimensions of collagen fibres to boost mild transmission. For the very best fibrillary manufacturing and tissue high quality within the human physique, such a collagen naturally collaborates with varieties I & III.

The interstitial matrix of muscle groups, the liver, the lungs, and the placenta are all supported by kind V collagen, as are the bone matrix, corneal stroma, and different tissues.

Analysis on kind V collagen dietary supplements has proven promising findings, together with potential benefits for cell membranes, the tissue within the placenta, and eye well being.

Kind X Collagen

Kind X collagen, important for bone growth, will be present in joint cartilages. It’s collagen that varieties networks and will provide an opportunity to identify important ailments. As well as, these with higher ranges of kind X collagen usually tend to have rheumatic diseases that harm the bone and cartilage.

In line with the claims made by collagen dietary supplements, kind X collagen could get utilised to hurry up the therapeutic course of after limb accidents and fractured bones. Nevertheless, present analysis can reveal that kind X collagen is of course current within the physique and is accountable for bone manufacturing.

The HealthifyMe Word

There are numerous meals sources and dietary supplements obtainable for collagen. Naturally produced issues are at all times higher than dietary supplements; due to this fact, select meals sources that can kind collagen as a lot as potential. Nevertheless, earlier than taking any collagen dietary supplements, ensure to seek the advice of together with your doctor. They are going to advocate you the proper complement dosage and model. Furthermore, keep away from taking collagen dietary supplements if in case you have fish allergic reactions or continual ailments. 

Collagen for Weight Loss

Meals that kind collagen and dietary supplements may help with weight reduction in numerous methods. Consuming meals excessive in collagen allows you to really feel happy. It may assist with weight reduction as a result of it decreases starvation. Moreover, it reveals that it inhibits starvation hormones.

Consuming protein helps folks shed extra pounds. The function of protein in thermogenesis, which impacts satiety and vitality expenditure, is well-known. Furthermore, gaining muscle is a vital a part of shedding weight. Muscle mass burn extra energy at relaxation, boosting complete caloric expenditure. Collagen peptides have additionally diminished fats cells and weight achieve in rats in just a few in-vivo experiments.

A each day collagen consumption of two.5–15 grams appears protected and useful. Nevertheless, collagen is not any magic tablet for weight reduction. As well as, you might have unsatisfactory weight reduction outcomes if you don’t mix it with acceptable bodily actions and a calorie deficit weight loss program. 

Sources of Collagen for Weight Loss

Listed here are some meals merchandise that can assist enhance collagen ranges in your physique and help in weight discount.

  • Berries- Citrus fruits sometimes obtain probably the most consideration for his or her excessive vitamin C content material. Berries are a unbelievable supply of collagen as nicely.  Strawberries include extra vitamin C per ounce than oranges. Blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries can even give your physique an excellent quantity of vitamin C.
  • Beans- These are a part of a high-protein weight loss program that ceaselessly contains the amino acids required to provide collagen. Many are excessive in copper, one other nutrient wanted for forming collagen.
  • Cashew- Cashews are filled with zinc and copper. Each these elements are essential for collagen manufacturing inside the physique. They’re additionally very filling and can make an excellent snack. 
  • Bell Pepper- Add some pink bell peppers to your salad or sandwich. This vegetable with excessive ranges of vitamin C incorporates capsaicin, an anti-inflammatory substance which will assist stop ageing signs. 
  • Tomato- One medium tomato may give as much as roughly 30% of this important part for collagen. It’s an irreplaceable supply of vitamin C. Massive portions of antioxidants for pores and skin assist are additionally current in tomatoes. 
  • Leafy Inexperienced Greens- We’ve all heard that we should always eat extra inexperienced leafy greens, which is true. Inexperienced greens have a considerable amount of chlorophyll current. This chlorophyll is thought for its antioxidant properties. 
  • Hen- Quite a lot of collagen dietary supplements will get derived from rooster. Hen has a sizeable connective tissue, which reveals the presence of collagen. 
  • Egg Whites- As everyone knows, egg whites include lots of protein. Collagen is among the kinds of protein current in egg whites.
  • Fish and Shellfish- Fish is a typical supply of collagen extraction. It has many advantages, together with enhancing your eye well being.

The HealthifyMe Word

Collagen’s major function is to spice up pores and skin well being. Its function in weight reduction continues to be unclear, with the shortage of ample proof. Nevertheless, many people have benefitted from consuming collagen or its meals sources and ensured that it aids in shedding some further kilos. Well being professionals and nutritionists inform {that a} particular dietary merchandise will solely assist with weight reduction if adequately included into the calorie deficit weight loss program plan. A number of research present {that a} 2.5-15 gram each day dose of collagen seems protected and efficient. 


Collagen has quite a few advantages. Its hunger-crushing talents are well-known for weight reduction. Its distinctive amino acid profile promotes lean physique mass. Furthermore, it helps your intestine well being.

However it’s also essential to see if you’re taking appropriate quantities of collagen, as an excessive amount of of it will possibly derail you out of your targets. Like every part else, collagen will solely allow you to shed extra pounds if mixed with a nutritious diet and regular train.

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