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Coconut Oil vs MCT Oil: Which is Better for Keto?

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Is MCT oil the identical as coconut oil? 

Not fairly, they each derive from coconuts however there are variations.

Right this moment we take a look at the similarities and variations and when to make use of which.

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For many of us, once we begin a ketogenic weight loss program, our first goal is to extend our fats consumption and to considerably cut back our carbs.

We wish to change our gas from sugar to fats. We wish to get our our bodies into ketosis and preserve it there.

There are numerous good fat we will add to our weight loss program – considered one of which is from coconuts. We are able to add it within the type of coconut oil, butter, and MCT oil.

On this article, I take into account the distinction between MCT oil and coconut oil as they relate to keto. However earlier than we will try this, we now have to know what a coconut is.

So, let’s briefly take a look on the make-up of a coconut, how the oil is extracted, the dietary worth, and the fats construction.

What’s a Coconut? 

The make-up of a coconut

Coconuts consist predominantly of saturated fats with a small aspect of monounsaturated (Oleic) fats and a good smaller portion of polyunsaturated fats.


As keto lovers, we devour varied components of the coconut. As an example, we’ll use the flour in our baking. However for this text, we’re targeted on the oil.

The oil may be extracted in quite a lot of methods beginning out with a dry or a moist course of to extract it from the flesh.

It may then be additional processed to create a refined oil with no style, a hydrogenated oil with a better melting level or a fractionated oil that removes all however one or two of the fatty acids.

Dietary worth

One tablespoon of coconut oil accommodates 121 kcal, 13.47 grams of fats, zero carbs, and 0 protein.

For a full dietary breakdown, go to the USDA dietary database right here.

Fats Construction

Fat include various kinds of fatty acids. These fatty acids are labeled as quick, medium and long-chain triglycerides.

The essential fatty acids present in coconut oil are as follows:

  • Caprioc acid or (C 6)
  • Caprylic acid (C 8)
  • Capric acid (C 10)
  • Lauric acid (C 12)
  • Myristic acid (C14)
  • Palmitic (C16)
  • Oleic (C18)
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids

The primary 4 acids, C6 to C12 are outlined as medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs. 

C14 and past are outlined as long-chain.

What does this imply and why does it matter?

Normally, the shorter the chain, the better it’s to your physique to show the fatty acids into power that you need to use.

As highlighted earlier, once we comply with a ketogenic weight loss program, we wish to change our gas from sugar or glucose to ketones and MCTs assist you try this.

Cut coconut with coconut slithers on a cutting board

Coconut Oil vs MCT Oil

So, let’s recap…

What’s Coconut Oil?

It’s an oil consisting of all of the fatty acids listed above. So, it consists of each the medium and the longer chain triglycerides.

Virtually half of coconut oil include the C12 triglyceride lauric acid.

What’s MCT Oil?

Industrial MCT oil is additional concentrated and processed and consists solely of the “shorter” medium-chain triglycerides. 

They’re normally a mix of C8 and C10 or pure C8 – caprylic acid.

Successfully MCT oils are additional processed to take away the lauric acid and the longer chain triglycerides.

Lauric Acid – C12

It will not be precisely that easy, however in a nutshell, while you determine between coconut and MCT, the query is –

Do I would like lauric acid in my oil or not?

Lauric acid is outlined as a medium-chain triglyceride, however there’s a view that it behaves extra like a long-chain triglyceride.

Does this matter?


And the rationale why it issues is that lauric acid, not like C8 and C10, must be processed by means of the liver.

That could be a longer course of than required by the shorter chain oils and subsequently the power obtained from lauric acid could also be slower and fewer intense than that obtained from C8 and or C!0 formulations.

So, in case your foremost purpose is ketosis and the advantages of ketosis, then the shorter chain MCTs could also be what you need.

Lauric acid although has a number of advantages although.


Additionally it is not simply concerning the lauric acid. 

Listed here are extra components to contemplate while you determine which of those two oils you wish to add to your each day weight loss program.

Different Concerns


In case you want a product that’s much less processed and extra “complete” then you definitely in all probability need coconut oil and ideally an natural one just like the merchandise you may discover at Viva Labs.

Each are processed to extract the oil from the fruit, however MCT is additional fractionated to isolate particular fatty acids.

What do you want it for?

I wouldn’t prepare dinner with MCTs, whereas coconut oil has a fairly excessive cooking level and can be utilized at low to medium temperatures.

For ketosis

Each will help ketosis, however the shorter MCTs could also be higher at facilitating this course of.


After I purchase coconut oil, I at all times purchase it as pure as doable, so the style of coconut is normally sturdy. Alternatively MCTs are processed and doesn’t style like coconut.


MCT oil is dearer.

In Conclusion

They’re each wholesome and really a lot a part of a ketogenic life-style.

When ought to I take advantage of coconut oil and when ought to I take advantage of MCT oil? 

That basically is a private selection based mostly on what your purpose is and what you wish to obtain.

Personally I add MCTs and grass-fed butter in my morning espresso. My favourite MCT oil is that this pure C8 Bulletproof oil. 

You may learn my evaluate of the perfect C8 MCT oils and my rationalization for why I want pure C8 oils.

The principle explanation why I take advantage of MCT oil fairly than coconut oil, are the psychological readability and speedy power increase and never being hungry for hours.

I do prefer to swap issues round, so some days I add coconut oil and butter to my espresso.

I want coconut oil or butter in baking and considered one of my favourite recipes is that this fats bomb.

So, whichever fats you like within the MCT oil vs coconut oil debate, you’ll want to devour each commonly as they’re important fatty acids that our our bodies can’t produce by itself.

MCT vs Coconut Which is best for ketosis

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