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6 Yoga Mudras for Weight Loss

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Yoga has been practiced for hundreds of years in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Yoga has grow to be a logo of peace, wellness, and mindfulness at the moment, discovering new followers each day throughout the globe.

Yoga originated from Yogis, who used their thoughts, physique, and breath to find sure postures and positions that would assist the physique stay wholesome. Yogis additionally found yoga mudras to be extremely efficient and started to include them in all yoga practices.

Yoga mudras are mainly easy hand gestures that activate the move of power throughout the physique. Mudras are additionally usually utilized in classical dance types, as a way to convey the story or articulate feelings.

Mudras in yoga are identified to supply therapeutic powers to the physique in an effort to alleviate physiological and emotional illnesses. Utilizing the right yoga mudras can be identified to assist folks lose extra weight and stay match.

Yoga Mudras for Weight Loss

Yoga has historically been practiced as a approach to maintain the physique and thoughts wholesome. The respiration strategies taught by yoga helps to enhance focus and mindfulness. Whereas yoga has developed by means of the years, it stays true to Ayurveda at its core.

Yoga considers the 5 parts, specifically – ‘Jal’ (Water), ‘Prithvi’ (Earth), ‘Akash’ (House), ‘Vayu’ (Air), and ‘Agni’ (Hearth), to be the core focus factors in our physique. Any imbalance brought on by these parts ends in sicknesses or poor well being usually. Yoga mudras assist to revive the steadiness between these parts and put together the physique to struggle in opposition to any future sicknesses.

 Listed here are among the simplest yoga mudras which have been practiced and handed on from generations.

These mudras are identified to help in therapeutic persistent illnesses in addition to enhance the general psychological well being of an individual. These mudras are identified to spice up the burden loss course of and assist an individual obtain good well being and health –

1. Surya-Agni mudra

The Surya Mudra or the Agni Mudra, as it’s identified historically, represents the fireplace factor. Performing this mudra prompts the fireplace power within the physique, and lets you restore the fireplace steadiness. Doing the mudras permit the fingers to kind connections and facilitate the move of power within the physique.

Within the weight reduction course of, a number of folks discover issue in decreasing fats attributable to poor digestive well being. The fireplace factor current within the Surya mudra is understood to enhance digestion by boosting the metabolism within the physique. Common apply can considerably support in fats loss.

You may carry out the Surya mudra on the consolation of your personal dwelling. First, sit upright with the again straight. Transfer the ring finger in direction of the palm of the hand and be a part of it with the thumb. Place your palms in your thighs and knees and stay seated on this place.

Within the meantime, you possibly can carry out respiration strategies or meditation. The Surya mudra is to be carried out for 45 minutes every day, and with 15-minute intervals between every time. The Surya mudra yields extra advantages when practiced early within the day. 

2. Kapha-Nashak Mudra

The three temperaments of the physique are referred to as Vayu, Kapha, and Pitta. The Kapha and Pitta parts characterize fireplace and earth, respectively, whereas Vayu represents air. The Pitta factor within the physique represents fireplace and is understood to hurry up the metabolism within the physique. The Kapha factor represents earth, an excessive amount of of which might point out extra weight within the physique.

The Kapha-Nashak mudra goals to take away the surplus of the Kapha factor from the physique and restore the steadiness amongst all different parts. The Kapha-Nashak mudra improves the functioning of the digestive system by boosting metabolic exercise by means of the technology of fireside.  

To carry out the Kapha-Nashak mudra, you’ll need to sit down in a snug place along with your eyes closed. Bend the ring finger and the little finger in direction of the palm, and be a part of them with the thumb. Exert stress so long as it’s snug for you and stay on this place.

You will have to apply this mudra for 30-45 minutes each day, with repetitions of quarter-hour to really feel the whole advantages of the mudra.

3. Linga Mudra

The Linga mudra can be usually referred to as Lord Shiva’s mudra. Yoga is intertwined in Hindu and Buddhist religions in an immense method, with many believing that the Gods practiced yoga and meditation. The Linga mudra is an efficient mudra that works to channelize interior conflicts.

The Linga mudra symbolizes the victory of positivity over negativity. Working towards this mudra awakens the fireplace within the physique, which in flip produces power that may revitalize the organs. The digestive system is activated, and power flows by means of it in an effort to steadiness out any intestine points. Linga mudra helps in weight reduction by bettering the physique’s metabolism. The warmth generated with this mudra obstructs the expansion of a poisonous substance known as ‘Ama,’ which is understood to build up fats within the physique. 

To carry out the Linga mudra, you’ll need to first sit in a snug place with the legs crossed. Maintain your eyes closed to enhance focus and keep away from distractions. Subsequent, interlock the fingers of each palms, with the palms pressed in opposition to one another. Bear in mind to maintain the Left  thumbs upright.

It’s advisable to apply this mudra for 20-Half-hour every day. Growing the stress in opposition to the palms helps to generate extra warmth, thereby strengthening the impact of this mudra.

4. Vaayan Mudra

The Vaayan mudra is the mudra that’s carefully related to the factor of air. The physique is required to energise itself with air properties that assist in bettering the nervous system within the physique. When practiced appropriately, Vaayan mudra is understood to assist folks grow to be extra self-aware and apply a better vary of consciousness. With the thoughts on board, it turns into simpler to manage weight and lower down on fats successfully. 

 In an effort to carry out the Vaayan mudra, you’ll need to be seated on the ground in a secured and ventilated house. Maintain the backbone erect and eyes closed to start the method. You will have to bend your index finger and center finger in direction of the palm and be a part of them with the thumb.

Apply slight stress and maintain this place. Apply this place for 15-20 minutes every day to really feel the constructive results of the Vaayan mudra.

5. Gyan Mudra

The Gyan mudra, because the Sanskrit identify suggests, is also referred to as the mudra of data. The Gyan mudra is supposed to be practiced alongside different yoga positions and respiration workout routines.

The Gyan mudra is understood to enhance the focus of the thoughts and permits the bodily and psychological features to move higher. The Gyan mudra can be identified to assist folks affected by irregular sleep, and facilitate a pure and wholesome sleep cycle within the physique. Lack of sleep is usually thought of to be a big explanation for weight achieve. The Gyan mudra takes care of the remaining wanted by the physique, permitting you to spice up metabolism and shed off the surplus weight.

In the course of the strategy of training yoga mudras, you will need to maintain a constructive state of mind in an effort to reap the utmost advantages of those age-old traditions. 

To apply the Gyan mudra, you may be required to sit down on the ground, ideally along with your legs crossed. Maintain the again straight and eyes closed. Subsequent, contact the tip of the index finger to the tip of the thumb whereas retaining the opposite fingers outstretched.

Place your palms on the knees and stay seated on this place for Half-hour in an effort to avail of the advantages of this mudra.

6. Prana Mudra

prana mudra

The phrase ‘Prana’ means ‘life.’ The Prana mudra primarily means the ‘mudra of life’. This mudra holds superiority as it’s believed to characterize life itself. The Prana mudra helps the person to activate power within the physique and permit the organs to operate effectively. With common apply of the Prana mudra, the basis chakras grow to be activated, which permits power to move all through the physique with none hassles. Prana mudra, when carried out with Pranayama yields one of the best outcomes. 

To carry out the Prana mudra, sit on the ground along with your legs crossed. Maintain the again straight and eyes closed in an effort to enhance focus. The mudra is meant to be carried out with each palms.

Be part of the tip of the thumb to the information of the ring finger and little finger, and repeat with the opposite hand. Maintain the place for 20-25 minutes to really feel the impact of the Prana mudra. 

Along with performing these mudras, there are a number of different life-style modifications which are to be made to activate the results of those mudras and support the burden loss course of. Listed here are a number of suggestions that may be adopted –

  • Bear in mind to observe a nutritious, balanced food plan. Attempt to eat home-cooked meals as a lot as attainable.
  • Keep away from extra consumption of sugary drinks and juices.
  • Preserve an energetic life-style and attempt to stay in your ft for a serious portion of the day.
  • Train recurrently to facilitate the fats burning course of. Introduce variations within the day by day exercise routine to maintain the thoughts and physique .
  • Attempt to discover a yoga group and even choose to apply yoga within the consolation of your private home. Yoga helps to strengthen the physique and likewise helps relieve stress and negativity. 
  • Identical to the thoughts and physique, the breath must be monitored as nicely. Incorporate a number of respiration workout routines together with the mudras to enhance the respiration course of.
  • Bear in mind to remain hydrated and drink loads of water all through the day to flush out the toxins.


Working towards these mudras and following the above-mentioned life-style suggestions can go a good distance in retaining the physique and thoughts wholesome, and likewise serving to you attain your weight reduction objectives.

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