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6 Tips for Optimizing Performance on a Ketogenic Diet

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It isn’t unusual for these following a ketogenic weight loss program to report a decline of their efficiency upon initiation of the weight loss program. Although, as soon as keto-adapted, many of those decrements are likely to disappear. Nonetheless, there are nonetheless some circumstances the place efficiency can grow to be impaired and having efficient methods to beat these conditions is necessary! Throughout graduate faculty, I used to be lucky sufficient to conduct an experiment with CrossFit athletes who had been on a ketogenic weight loss program. From these experiences, in addition to adopting a ketogenic life-style myself, I’ve realized a number of methods that can be utilized to ease the method and permit for optimizing efficiency on a ketogenic weight loss program:

optimizing performance on a ketogenic diet water composition

1. Keep Hydrated

When following a ketogenic life-style, insulin ranges are usually decrease attributable to decreased carbohydrate consumption. Low insulin ranges trigger the kidneys to excrete extra water and sodium, which may put ketogenic athletes at an elevated danger for dehydration if they don’t seem to be consuming satisfactory quantities of water all through the day.

  • Repair: Optimizing efficiency on a ketogenic weight loss program requires that you simply drink a glass of water upon waking.
  • Add a splash of recent lemon juice for the added vitamin c and antioxidants, and a splash of apple cider vinegar for its profound well being advantages.

As a common rule, eat AT LEAST ½ your physique weight in ounces per day. For instance, in the event you weigh 150 lbs., it is best to drink at the least 75 ounces (150/2 = 75) of water per day (extra in the event you work out and sweat closely!). That might be about 4.5, 16.9 fl oz. water bottles per day. 

2. Replenish Electrolytes

As beforehand talked about, decrease insulin ranges can result in elevated water and electrolyte excretion. Changing these electrolytes is extraordinarily necessary, in an effort to stop issues like headache, mind fog, fatigue, and muscle cramps, in addition to to permit for maximal bodily and psychological efficiency.

optimizing performance on a ketogenic diet types of salt

Repair: Add sea salt to your water

  • Keep away from desk salt, as it’s stripped of a lot of its useful vitamins.


  • Hold a Himalayan sea salt grinder in your health club bag always!
  • Use a keto-friendly electrolyte complement
  • Use keto-friendly water enhancers that comprise electrolytes
  • Strive a ketogenic pre-workout Snack:
    • This will likely sound like a bizarre mixture, however it’s one among my favourite pre-workout snacks that gives a great dose of the required electrolytes: potassium, magnesium, and sodium. Don’t knock it ‘until you strive it!
      • ½ avocado (potassium)
      • 1 tbsp. almond butter (magnesium)
      • Sprint of Himalayan sea salt (sodium)

Be taught extra in regards to the significance of electrolytes on a ketogenic weight loss program.

3. Devour Sufficient Fats & Satisfactory Protein

Fats is FUEL! Consuming loads of wholesome fat is important to maintain your physique energized and your mind centered keto diet mct oilall through the day and through your exercises. Moreover, satisfactory protein consumption is critical for enhancing muscle restore and restoration, in addition to supporting immune operate.

Repair: MCTs throughout pre-workout

  • MCT oil (or powder) is a superb addition to any pre-workout routine and offers fast and clear vitality. In contrast to different fat, MCTs are shortly absorbed and transported on to the liver, the place they’re metabolized, launched for speedy vitality, and should even increase ketone manufacturing.[1]
  • Some of the common methods to include MCTs right into a pre-workout is to mix one serving with a cup of espresso or caffeinated tea. The caffeine within the espresso or tea will add a further increase that has been confirmed time and time once more to enhance athletic efficiency.[2][3]

Mini Fats Bombs

One other one among my favourite pre-workout snacks (and nighttime treats) is mini fats bombs. Fats bombs are an effective way to get a fast dose of wholesome fats and vitality earlier than your exercise and they are often made in quite a lot of methods to suit anybody’s style buds! I prefer to make mine with a mix of MCT oil, butter, coconut oil, and another keto-friendly superfoods. You may eat them alone or drop a number of into your pre-workout espresso for some additional taste and vitality!

Significance of Protein

Consuming satisfactory protein is important for all athletes, impartial of the kind of weight loss program they observe. Nonetheless, the quantity of protein essential to elicit advantages relies on quite a lot of components, together with particular person physique composition, kind of sport, depth and frequency of coaching, and particular objectives. There was loads of controversy surrounding the best protein consumption for a keto-adapted athlete. As beforehand acknowledged, protein wants are extremely individualized for optimizing efficiency on a ketogenic weight loss program and should have to be adjusted on a steady foundation. Basically, a great start line is to set your protein consumption to round 20-25% of whole energy, which comes out to round 1.2-1.7 grams per kilogram of physique weight for most individuals.

4. Belief the Course of

Changing into keto-adapted or “fat-adapted” takes time. For some it could take weeks and for others it may take months. There is no such thing as a clear-cut level that defines when somebody is totally fat-adapted. Nonetheless, among the frequent indicators embrace sustained and elevated vitality, enhanced psychological readability and focus, lowered starvation, improved efficiency, and far more.


When beginning a ketogenic weight loss program, your physique will endure a transition or adaption interval that’s needed to permit the change from burning carbohydrates for gas to burning fats for gas. You will need to notice that your physique wants a while to regulate and you might discover a dip in efficiency throughout this era. Don’t fear, that is utterly regular and can quickly cross. That you must be affected person, constructive, and push via these preliminary exercises. Make certain to observe the ideas on this article to ease the difference course of, and you’ll grow to be a fats burning machine very quickly!

5. Exogenous (Supplemental) Ketones

There was an enormous surge within the variety of ketone dietary supplements which have hit the market previously 12 months. As we all know, ketones are an excellent gas supply for the physique and mind, with many individuals referring to them as a “tremendous gas.” The science behind exogenous ketones remains to be rising, however the results on efficiency, therapeutics, and cognitive functions are exhibiting nice promise.

Supplemental ketones might support in:

  • The keto-adaptation section: making the method of keto adaptation simpler and presumably eliminating the “keto flu.”
  • Train motivation & efficiency: taken as a pre or intra-workout complement, exogenous ketones might increase neurological drive to carry out, cut back fatigue, and enhance output and stamina throughout athletic exercise.[4][5]
  • Elevated muscle protein synthesis: by lowering the breakdown of leucine, the first amino acid chargeable for muscle progress and preservation.[6]
  • Improve mind metabolism and mitochondrial biogenesis: by offering a extra environment friendly, different gas supply and selling neuroprotection towards mobile damage.[7][8]
  • Urge for food regulation: aiding in weight and fats loss to optimize physique composition, resulting in larger effectivity throughout train.[9]
  • Decreased Irritation: resulting in enhanced restoration and general elevated well being.[10]

In case you are planning on experimenting with exogenous ketones for optimizing efficiency on a ketogenic weight loss program, I encourage you to totally analysis the product you might be buying and ensure that it’s third-party-tested and makes use of prime quality supplies. Check out this earlier article, To Ketone or To not Ketone: Mineral Salts,[11] for a greater understanding of the science behind exogenous ketones, and to cross-reference common firms which can be producing them. Additionally, take a look at the ebook, The Ketogenic Bible, which features a full chapter devoted to the latest analysis and software of supplemental ketones.

simple carbohydrate sources

6. Devour Carbs Strategically. . . If At All

The analysis remains to be younger, however there was an increasing number of curiosity within the numerous varieties of ketogenic diets, particularly all through the athletic inhabitants. The 2 foremost variations embrace the cyclic ketogenic weight loss program (CKD) and the focused ketogenic weight loss program (TKD). The CKD follows the identical ideas as a typical ketogenic weight loss program (SKD) with the addition of carbohydrate “refeeds” one or two days per week. On this article, we are going to deal with the TKD, defined intimately beneath. Nonetheless, analysis in all areas of CKD and TKD is severally missing, and there’s undoubtedly a necessity to analyze the roles that these variations might play in several types of athletes, and sports activities normally.

TKD (Focused Ketogenic Weight loss program)

Similar to a CKD, the TKD follows the identical ideas as an SKD, with the addition of carbohydrates integrated across the exercise. In the meanwhile, the TKD relies on anecdotal expertise, quite than scientific analysis, and it’s not but recognized whether or not the potential advantages of implementing a TKD come from psychological or physiological modifications, and even each. TKD is extremely individualized, which means that each particular person will range within the quantity, kind, and particular timing of carbohydrate consumption wanted. Nonetheless, the TKD might profit athletes collaborating in actions comparable to CrossFit, MMA, HIIT, and different excessive depth sports activities.

optimizing performance on a ketogenic diet without carbs

“The Carb Rinse”

One other potential technique for optimizing efficiency on a ketogenic weight loss program is the implementation of the “carb rinse.” This entails taking a sip of a beverage containing carbohydrates, comparable to a Gatorade sports activities drink, swishing it round in your mouth for 5-10 seconds after which spitting it out. A number of research have discovered improved efficiency throughout average to excessive depth train utilizing this technique. The “carb rinse” is assumed to activate receptors within the mouth that hook up with reward areas within the mind, resulting in a discount in perceived exertion and subsequent improve in effort and motivation to carry out.[12]

In case you are planning on experimenting with a TKD, listed here are a number of tricks to start:

  • Be sure to are totally keto-adapted (this will take weeks to months, relying on the particular person).
  • Strive utilizing the “carb rinse” method first.
  • Then, begin by implementing 15–20 grams carbohydrate pre-workout to evaluate tolerance and vitality ranges. Listed here are a number of examples:
    • Devour half a banana (possibly add a small quantity of nut butter) half-hour or so previous to your exercise.
    • Devour a fast-absorbing carb supply, comparable to gummy bears or a rice cake, 10-Quarter-hour pre-workout.

Hold observe of your efficiency, temper, starvation ranges, and ketone manufacturing (optionally available) all through the preliminary experimental section.

A Few Different Solutions…

  • Discover using different dietary supplements, comparable to Creatine, BCAAs, HMB, and others.
  • Experiment with intermittent fasting and/or coaching in a “fasted state.”
  • Keep in mind what your foremost objective is (i.e., fats loss, efficiency improve, general well being).
  • Focus primarily on entire meals sources to your day by day nutrient consumption.
  • Get sufficient sleep!


It’s important to keep in mind that, when adopting a ketogenic weight loss program, you might initially expertise signs that impair your efficiency. Nonetheless, in the event you observe the rules and ideas outlined above, you’ll doubtless discover that optimizing efficiency on the ketogenic weight loss program is a breeze!


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